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3) A word about hype. It can definitely work if you haverepparttar right audience andrepparttar 129869 right product. Feel free to use bold letters, exclamation points, etc., but don't overdo it. The last thing you need is for your prospects to feel that your message is being jammed down their throats. In any case, it might be helpful to use some imagery. Have your prospects imagine how your product or service can enhance their lives or their business. Use vivid words, describe feelings or circumstances, and then tell them how you can help them achieve those things (or how you can help get them out of where they are right now).

A well-written, well-targeted series of autoresponders can do wonders for sagging sales. For tips on writing effective copy for autoresponders, see

A well-written, well-targeted series of autoresponders can do wonders for sagging sales. For tips on writing effective copy for autoresponders, see


Written by Doug C. Grant

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Effective business writing is not literature. It requiresrepparttar application of common sense rules and easily learned techniques.

You start withrepparttar 129868 basic business writing formula...attention, interest, action. Although I don't promote formula writing, every imcom MUST include these basic steps to succeed.


Every working day, countless imcoms are distributed with openings that say nothing. It's as thoughrepparttar 129869 writer is thinking, "Hey, I wrote this wonderful imcom so, of course, it will be read."

The reality is that an imcom has only two to three seconds to begin communicating. If it fails to grab a foothold onrepparttar 129870 target's attention immediately, it is either trashed, put on a 'read whenever' pile or quickly scanned and instantly forgotten.


Business people often equate interest to length. "People just don't read long imcoms," I am told. No,repparttar 129871 truth is people don't read boring imcoms.

I have read two paragraph imcoms that were too long. I have also read multi-page imcoms that were just right. The difference was content.

Remember, you can never bore anyone into reading anything!


The action desired might be a budget approval, acceptance of an idea or program, go-ahead on a project...whatever. However, too often, this action is never motivated or even asked for. The imcom simply shrivels up and dies atrepparttar 129872 end. Sometimesrepparttar 129873 imcom writer assumes a certain action will be taken. Or,repparttar 129874 writer is afraid of appearing too pushy. Actuallyrepparttar 129875 reverse is true. A strong close suggests thatrepparttar 129876 writer is in control, decisive and self-confident.


Do they present you as an organized, intelligent and knowledgeable business person or employee? If not, you can do something about it. Becoming a power writer is neither difficult nor time consuming. It primarily involves a commitment to begin. You'll be stepping out ahead of a lot of other people if you make that commitment today. Discovering ways to impress when you express can put you months, even years, ahead on your career path.

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