Written by Peter Sinclair

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because they know what it is to have tastedrepparttar bitter taste of defeat and yet have risen once again. Winners have known what it is to be inrepparttar 123928 heat of battle, and yet they know that when all else seems beyond their grasp,repparttar 123929 very worst thing that could ever happen to them would be for them to lose their focus. Focused people seerepparttar 123930 good when others seerepparttar 123931 bad. They seerepparttar 123932 opportunity when others see disaster. They buy when others sell and sell when others buy. They watch others being carried byrepparttar 123933 tide and then swim repparttar 123934 other way. They are winners and leaders because they live not by circumstance but by their inward focus. This is what sets them apart fromrepparttar 123935 masses and it is this that others admire and at times misunderstandrepparttar 123936 most. Motivational Memo forrepparttar 123937 Week: A blind man with focus can see better than a man with perfect sight who has no vision. You can do it!

Peter Sinclair

The Mirror Man

Written by Peter Murphy

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The mirror man started laughing too andrepparttar two of them laughed until it hurt. With a sore belly, Twilight bade farewell to her friend and skipped along throughrepparttar 123927 market with an inner happiness and a smile for everyone she met.

Something weird happened though. At this end ofrepparttar 123928 market everyone wanted to talk to her, and most people seemed pleased to see her. People went out of their way to help her and it was a pleasure dealing with these nice people up this end ofrepparttar 123929 street.

She walked past a news stand and there was that headline again... Lead And They Will Follow. Something clicked - so that is how it works. Smile and people will smile back, give first and then you will receive. The world is like a mirror and people reflect back to you what you give out.

Although not everyone will be nice backrepparttar 123930 odds certainly are in your favor if you takerepparttar 123931 risk and give first. Lead and let others follow your example.

People want to be liked, let them know that you like them and they will feel safer with you andrepparttar 123932 quality of communication will improve dramatically.

Lady Twilight smiled andrepparttar 123933 world smiled back.

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