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#4 Offer incentives: If you want people to forward your newsletter to colleagues or give referrals, offer something in return. Prepare a number of different white papers and offer them at different points inrepparttar subscription cycle. When someone subscribes torepparttar 141530 newsletter, give them a white paper. If they forwardrepparttar 141531 newsletter, offer another. If that forward results in a subscriber, send a thank you note and, if possible, something of value--be creative. And make surerepparttar 141532 newsletter promotes your off-line referral programs.

#5 Measure results: Don't forgetrepparttar 141533 importance of trackingrepparttar 141534 results of your e-newsletters. You have to know who's opening it and who's not, as well as what they're clicking on. If your readers are a good representation of your customer pool, you'll know what your customers care about--and what holds no interest. Share results withrepparttar 141535 sales team and base subsequent sales initiatives and customer contacts onrepparttar 141536 results.


"Copywriter Rates, Getting The Facts Beforehand"

Written by Niall Cinneide

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Gotrepparttar contract ready? That isrepparttar 141325 next most valuable tool you have to your computer. Having every detail spelled out, leaves little room for guess work. Dates, expectations, payment, and even revisions need to be included. Itís just a safe way to do business, no matter if you arerepparttar 141326 seller orrepparttar 141327 buyer. Copywriter rates that are flexible or based on a per hour rate are just too difficult to monitor. How will you monitor a per hour rate?

To find basic copywriter rates, you can browse throughrepparttar 141328 listings of copy writers looking for work. There is a safe bet, here. You may want to steer clear of those asking for outrageous sums as they already have an inflated ego. You donít need that in your work. If they had such a great business going, do you really think they would have to advertise? As forrepparttar 141329 lowest prices out there, require samples and references before getting too deep. No matter what you do need inrepparttar 141330 rates for copywriting, you can find someone out there willing to work with you. Just getrepparttar 141331 guidelines set beforerepparttar 141332 project begins.

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