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Also, don't assume that certain skills and responsibilities won't be applicable torepparttar job you're applying for. When listing your skills, list all of them. If you're applying for a receptionist position, but you have excellent writing skills, say so. If you're a graphic artist by profession but know Microsoft Excel likerepparttar 129817 back of your hand, tell them that, too. When it comes to fundamentals like computer and communication skills, there's no such thing as overkill.

When writing about your education, it's always appropriate to toot your own horn. If you were student body president, say so. If you were a member of your high school or college Key Club, Chess Club, or Lawnchair Rewebbing Association (as I was), put it down. Atrepparttar 129818 very least, such information will arouse curiosity about you and show that you're a well-rounded person.

As far as your GPA is concerned, a high one is always impressive, especially when combined with a lot of extracurricular activities. However, even if your grades weren't always honor roll material, your experience and student involvement will always make that number look better than you think. If your GPA was pretty decent in your eyes, don't feel strange about revealing it.

In college, many of us (myself included) earned higher grades in our specific programs than in college in general. If that'srepparttar 129819 case, you can list both averages separately, or simply state that your English department GPA was a 3.6. Most employers won't ask you to tell them any more than that.

As a general rule, a resume should be comprised of headlines (objective, experience, education, and skills) followed by bullet points, not long paragraphs. HR managers are busy, and they don't have time to sit and read a narrative. Give themrepparttar 129820 information they want, but give it to them briefly, in plain English. In short, include anything that will make you look good torepparttar 129821 professional world without revealing too much personal information or telling a story.

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Get Heard - Write About Lemons

Written by Liz Wertman

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After deciding on which of your vast experiences you would like to write about, put downrepparttar highlights in point form. Then expandrepparttar 129814 point form to paragraphs and you have your e-book!

Try and make a self-explanatory title. That will list better in your ads andrepparttar 129815 search engines.

Put it into your word processor program then covert it to PDF format. You are now ready to sell your e-book.

Userepparttar 129816 search engines to find allrepparttar 129817 places that will host your e-book for you or create your own site and sell it yourself as I have done. If you list your e-book, make sure you have full rights so you can place it in as many sites as possible. Then marketrepparttar 129818 book by submitting it to allrepparttar 129819 search engines, classified ads that you can.

You will feel terrific about your accomplishment, people will learn from your experiences and you will make money too!

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

Liz Wertman, "Divorce Strategy for Men and Women" Your guide through the divorce maze.

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