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1.One person (possiblyrepparttar owner) may be in charge of buying for all stores.
2.Can be a friendly, less formal relationship.
3.Orders may be larger, due to more stores.
4.You may still be able to negotiate immediate payment, or at least a substantial deposit.
5.Sometimes a chain-of-command to go through.
6.Usually a professional, "bottom-line" relationship.
7.Potentially huge orders.
8.Possible "Net" payment terms.

SELLING TO LARGE CHAIN STORES AND FRANCHISES Here's where you can make some really high-volume sales. Don't be intimidated byrepparttar 140734 size ofrepparttar 140735 operation, orrepparttar 140736 fact that you're contacting a corporate buyer in some instances. You've still got all those same great reasons that this company should buy from you. Start with a personal visit torepparttar 140737 store. Askrepparttar 140738 store manager forrepparttar 140739 name ofrepparttar 140740 person responsible for purchasing giftware. In some cases,repparttar 140741 manager hasrepparttar 140742 authority to make those purchases (especially if it's a franchise, in which caserepparttar 140743 manager may also berepparttar 140744 owner). Other times, you'll be dealing with a corporate buyer. Ifrepparttar 140745 manager hasrepparttar 140746 purchasing authority, you'll proceed as you did inrepparttar 140747 examples above. If a corporate buyer handles all purchasing, you'll contactrepparttar 140748 corporate buyer. Introduce yourself. Give a brief summary ofrepparttar 140749 lines you carry that you believe will be a good fit for her stores. Ask for a personal appointment.

Important: Many times - maybe even most ofrepparttar 140750 time - you'll get turned away on your first call. Don't be discouraged! The buyer may simply be testing your professionalism and follow-through. By calling again in a couple weeks, you demonstrate those qualities.

Next ... be on time and extremely businesslike when you show up forrepparttar 140751 appointment. Get torepparttar 140752 point; and be ready to talk price. The buyer's job is to getrepparttar 140753 best possible price, sorepparttar 140754 more you can help her,repparttar 140755 better your chances of landing an order. Next ... when you get a Purchase Order, immediately contact your supplier to determine availability. If there's a problem, notifyrepparttar 140756 corporate buyer right away:

Example: "I appreciate your order for 250 of Item #29435. I'm able to deliverrepparttar 140757 bulk ofrepparttar 140758 order - up to 150 items - immediately. I'll deliverrepparttar 140759 balance byrepparttar 140760 end ofrepparttar 140761 month. Will that be satisfactory?"

Finally ... fillrepparttar 140762 order and have it shipped directly to each ofrepparttar 140763 stores, inrepparttar 140764 quantitiesrepparttar 140765 buyer has specified.

Payment: In dealing with large chains and some franchises, expect that you'll be asked to accept "Net" terms; typically "Net 30." Technically, this means they are required to pay yourepparttar 140766 full amount due forrepparttar 140767 order within 30 days of merchandise delivery.

In The Real World ... ... this could mean up to 60 days before you receive any payment. And with "Net" terms, you'll receive NO deposit. So, you have to "float"repparttar 140768 cost ofrepparttar 140769 order for that time. Some Wholesalers use credit cards as "financing" for these larger orders. That way, they're not out-of-pocket forrepparttar 140770 costs, and when payment arrives they're able to payoffrepparttar 140771 card and keeprepparttar 140772 profits.

Darren Hendricks has been involved in marketing in one form or another since 1979. He has owned or co-owned 3 successful companies. He is currently owner of Far Horizons Home Based Business Program

Money in the Mail

Written by Darren Hendricks

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1.You can do it part-time.
2.You can generate orders all day, every day.
3.You don't have to do any face-to-face selling.
4.You can work all day in your underwear (except when you go torepparttar mailbox!)
5.Your age, gender, education, and physical mobility are not factors that can stop you from succeeding.
6You can takerepparttar 140733 day off whenever you want; your catalogs are still out there selling!

Of course, there are no guarantees that you'll succeed in Mail Order. But many have, and you can maximize your chances of success by followingrepparttar 140734 FAR HORIZONS program, and emulating what others have successfully done. Overrepparttar 140735 years, some members have made a few hundred extra dollars a month through Mail Order. Some, have literally had sales inrepparttar 140736 millions. Maybe your goal is one of those, or somewhere in-between. It's up to you--- and that'srepparttar 140737 exciting thing aboutrepparttar 140738 wonderful world of Mail Order!

Darren Hendricks has been involved in marketing in one form or another since 1979. He has owned or co-owned 3 successful companies. He is currently owner of Far Horizons Home Based Business Program

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