Written by Susie Cortright

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It's also something that's easy to forget. The more we agonize over own happiness or unhappiness,repparttar more we turn inward. The more pre-occupied we become with our own me-ness. The more miserable we become.

Certainly, there is therapy in humility; solace in service. All at once we become enmeshed with something much greater than ourselves. We renew our sense of purpose. We tap into a sense of connectedness that offers infinite healing and comfort.

TAP THE "THERAPY OF SERVICE" It's terribly easy to tap into that kind of connectedness. There exists so much need inrepparttar 101984 world. It's everywhere.

And we can weaverepparttar 101985 "Therapy of Service" into every our every intention, our every goal.

If you've hit a plateau with one of your personal goals, make it bigger. Ask yourself: How willrepparttar 101986 achievement of this goal affect someone else? Widen your focus--and your mission.

Whenever your strength and energy starts to sag, change your perspective, from one of "I" to one of "us." By doing so, you create a subtle shift in intention: "I don't haverepparttar 101987 energy for a daily workout" becomes "I want to take care of myself so I can be more a more balanced and mindful parent."

It works to empower your professional life, too. "I don't want to go to work" becomes "I want to share my gifts with everyone I come in contact with." Simply start focusing on how your business helps other people. When service and love replaces money as your prime motivator, you may just find that things start falling into place.

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Taking time out!

Written by Lisa van den Berg

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Meditation is a wonderful way of calmingrepparttar multitude of thoughts we have every day. It never stopsrepparttar 101983 voices (who would want to, withrepparttar 101984 score of brilliant ideas they come up with), but it helps them take a nap for a while. I feel so connected torepparttar 101985 Universe and to God, when I meditate and I come out of it, with a deep feeling of peace.

Reading inspires, motivates, teaches, mitigates and soothes. I have an absolute fascination for information. Books have helped people I know, to learn to speak English; taught them lessons that have helped them to turn their lives around; motivated them to aspire to desired heights. Books impart stories that show us we are surrounded by wonder, every day; heal our hearts; teach us compassion and help us see others in a new light.

Laughing is truly 'the best medicine'. Whatever your sense of humor, there's nothing like laughing until you're breathless and your stomach hurts. Laughing gives you character creases around your eyes; it soothes hurts; it lifts your spirit and it connects you to those who laugh with you. Laughing at yourself relieves repparttar 101986 pressure; shows up your weaknesses in a way that allows you to accept them without having to put up a defensive barrier and connects you to those who were intimidated by you. It isrepparttar 101987 ultimate icebreaker and so, forges unbreakable friendships.

So, learn to 'chill' and you will find your Life is so muchrepparttar 101988 richer for learning to relax and take Life 'not so seriously'.

Lisa van den Berg is the author of ‘Alleviate Stress – 12 Simple and Easy Ways to Transform Your Life!’ Take the free online Stress Test at to see how much stress you’re under and why you need to do something about it right now!

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