FHM: Who's cheating who?

Written by Holmes

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And so to Jack, James Brown’s latest venture. The editor’s letter for issue one claimed that “ifrepparttar nineties were about celebration and self-destruction”, Jack would be less “self-obsessed.” Brown goes on to say inrepparttar 125531 same letter that “we love beautiful women, having a great time, looking good and having a laugh – but everything in moderation.”

Moderation – this isrepparttar 125532 key word. Certainly, there are still elements ofrepparttar 125533 lad’s mag within Jack as it finds its feet, but at least it offers readers fresh hope.

Is it any surprise that those readers were fiddlingrepparttar 125534 poll? As consumers, they probably feel so cheated by this magazine that it seems a shame FHM found out they were also being cheated.

Freelance Journalist

Torn Between Two Lovers?

Written by Nevine Al Seidi

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Being torn is a momentary state, where one is begging to have all his options laid onrepparttar table without disturbance, so that he/she could have allrepparttar 125530 time inrepparttar 125531 world to make an informed decision. This is not love. It has little to do with love. Here, we are discussing who is ‘better'; who is ‘more suitable' for me. Not ‘ whom I am in love with'.

To be torn between two lovers, is to have two overlapping affairs where none is more important thanrepparttar 125532 other. If it is a man, there is no ‘other woman' here. In fact,repparttar 125533 two women are ‘other' women. Just like Sherayar, this man is enjoyingrepparttar 125534 variety supplied. Shehreyar was not in love before Shehrezad. When she came, she becamerepparttar 125535 only one. Next time, you hear a gentleman claiming to be torn between two lovers, please poke his two eyes for me!

Egyptian-born writer and poet who is mainly published in English.

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