Written by Jacques Waisvisz

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Kindergarten. Show and Tell. I bet you can recall several of your little class mates who were called upon byrepparttar teacher to do their "show and tell" in front ofrepparttar 124088 class and who left their mark...onrepparttar 124089 floor, right in front ofrepparttar 124090 whole class. That's how scared they were!

Elementary School. Presentations in front ofrepparttar 124091 class. This wasrepparttar 124092 period when we had crushes, andrepparttar 124093 subject of our admiration was snickering at our ineptness!

High School. How didrepparttar 124094 teacher always knowrepparttar 124095 kid who had not prepared his or her homework? Another humiliation in front of our peers!

Is it any wonder that we grow up with this negative attitude about getting up in front of a group to make a presentation? Of course not! It isrepparttar 124096 result of negative conditioning. Since one ofrepparttar 124097 greatest human motivations isrepparttar 124098 avoidance of pain, we have learned that speaking in front of a group is to be avoided at all costs, because it creates nothing but pain and embarrassment.

But there is hope, negative attitudes can be unlearned. We can learn effective ways to control this fear and to use our voice, body language and emotion to make successful presentations and deliver workshops that create results. Here are a few tips:

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Have You Found Your GOOBI?

Written by Jeff McCall

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If you've just answered "Yes" to that last part, then all I have to say to you is "Baaah!". For those of you who don't speak Sheep, roughly translated this means "You'd be better off grazing withrepparttar flock, you haven't got what it takes".

If you think that thinking is hard, you ain't seen nothing yet!

(Authors note: "think that thinking is hard" is it me or does that have chicken and egg connotations? Never mind, hopefully you see my point. Let's get back torepparttar 124087 plot.)

What do you really love to do? It's a simple question; so don't try to make it a hard one. We're talking about constructive exercises here so don't cheat by saying "Nothing". Anyway, I'm sure you'd get bored doing absolutely nothing forrepparttar 124088 rest of your life.

The answer you come up with should be your true vocation. If you're totally honest with yourself, then if you dorepparttar 124089 thing you love forrepparttar 124090 rest of your life, you can't fail to be successful. You'll literally do anything you need to do, to carry on doing what you love to do. Hey, have I just invented a new tongue twister, or another piece of nonsense rhyme?

So, go find your GOOBI! You know it makes sense, which after reading what I've just written, is more than I do. Be successful!

Jeff McCall is the librarian at The Success Library, a vast collection of ebooks, articles and resources to help you achieve online success. http://www.thesuccesslibrary.co.uk/ad/whereis/ Subscribe to the library's free newsletter Success Lines. Free course for subscribing & free ebook with every issue. mailto:subscribe@thesuccesslibrary.co.uk

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