"Ezine Basics"

Written by Dr. Bill Nieporte

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How do you get folks to do that? Here are five powerful methods for building your subscription base...

1) Write articles and submit them to other ezines. Inrepparttar author's tag include instructions for subscribing to your ezine.

2) Exchange ads with other ezine editors. Ezine editors tend to be some ofrepparttar 124424 nicest people onrepparttar 124425 internet ;-) Most will go out of their way to help a comrade succeed.

3) Give away FREE stuff to those who subscribe. Special articles, software programs, discounts, and ebooks are all popular gifts to give your subscribers.

4) Join in strategic partnerships with companies that market services specifically geared toward increasing my ezine subscription base. Examples includerepparttar 124426 following...

...The Directory Of Ezines http://www.lifestylespub.com/cgi-bin/ezines.cgi?10282

...The Ezine Advertisers Network http://www.guerrillamlm.com/members/7969BN.html

5) Announce your ezine inrepparttar 124427 databases on these websites...

http://www.liszt.com/ http://www.escribe.com/internet/-aannounce/ http://www.neosoft.com/internet/paml/ http://www.promotefree.com http://www.reference.com/ http://www.virtualpromote.com http://www.newsletteraccess.com/ http://catalog.com/vivian/interest-group-search.html http://www.goodstuff.prodigy.com/Lists/main.htm http://bizx.com/newsletter.html

In addition, make sure you have your ezine listed inrepparttar 124428 powerful new ezine search engine, available on my site at: http://www.ezinesuccess.com emp/

Now you've got a focus, a format, and subscribers. What's next? You need...


While your list is small you can probably get by using your current email program. But you always runrepparttar 124429 risk of raisingrepparttar 124430 ire of your ISP. That's why I have chosen to userepparttar 124431 services of a listserver. Several companies onrepparttar 124432 internet offer such services for free--but most are unreliable.

The benefit of a listserver. You compose your email, paste it to a online form, hit "send," and your done. The listserver does allrepparttar 124433 mailing for you.

What do you want your listserver to do? Here arerepparttar 124434 basics!

It must send to at least 10,000 people. It must allow unlimited mailings. It must have automatic subscribe and remove functions. It must refuse multiple subscriptions ofrepparttar 124435 same email address. It must reject non valid email addresses in your list. It must generate subscription URL code for your webpage. It must be VERY SECURE--only accessed with appropriate passwords. It must operate from a safe administration area--not via email.

That's right, use your List Server as often as you like, every hour, every day, once a week, as often as you like! Several companies offer such services. Contact me at mailto: webmaster@ezinesuccess.com for a referral to one of these providers.

Having your own ezine is one ofrepparttar 124436 most powerful and popular ways to build relationship online that will serve your business ventures. I encourage you to get started today.

Dr. Bill Nieporte is editor of "The Success in Life Newsletter." Published twice a week, you will find numerous articles aimed at helping entrepreneurs and small business leader to enjoy greater success in all apsects of their lives.

Autoresponders Are a Publishers Best Friend

Written by Bill Platt

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When someone subscribes to your ezine, they will receive their "Welcome to My Ezine" notice. As they are readingrepparttar "Welcome" message, their enthusiasm is bubbling over. Waiting for that first issue will be tough unless there is an invitation to receive their first issue NOW.

In your "Welcome" message, you should let them know that if they would like to get started right away reading your ezine, then they should send a blank email to your autoresponder address forrepparttar 124423 "Best Of" issue.

New subscribers will gorge themselves on your "Best Of" issue, and they will remember your ezine whenrepparttar 124424 first new issue arrives in their mailbox. Ifrepparttar 124425 "Best Of" issue was precisely what they were looking for, you can rest assured that they will eagerly open each subsequent issue of your ezine, with delight in their hearts.

If you do not haverepparttar 124426 ability to set up autoresponders on your own domain, one company that offers a free autoresponder service is: http://sendfree.com/

If you takerepparttar 124427 time now to implementrepparttar 124428 "Best Of" autoresponder,repparttar 124429 rewards will most certainly be long-lasting. Remember,repparttar 124430 best time to get a new subscriber to fall in love with your ezine is when their interest isrepparttar 124431 highest --- at repparttar 124432 very moment they subscribe to your ezine.

Bill Platt, http://IMIOBC.com assists businesses with search engine optimization and a multitude of other business services. If you are interested in custom, ghosted articles to promote your business, similar to the one you just finished reading, consider employing our team of professional wordsmiths to weave articles developed to reach your target market. http://GhostArticles.com

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