Eye Exercises - Boost The Power of Your Optic Muscles

Written by Charlie Cory

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• You may be asked to have a 'colour day.' Choose a colour and look out for it throughoutrepparttar day. When you see it, be aware ofrepparttar 149822 colour rather thanrepparttar 149823 form. For example, if it's a red truck, experiencerepparttar 149824 shade of red, notrepparttar 149825 truck.

Why not try some of these exercises yourself?

See Clearly Method ==================

The See Clearly Method is another popular series of exercises and training to help with vision correction. Similarly torepparttar 149826 Bates' method, you are required to do 30 minutes of eye exercises a day to strengthen and enhancerepparttar 149827 flexibility ofrepparttar 149828 eye's muscles. This would usually involve makingrepparttar 149829 eye change it's focus from near to far for example. One simple way of doing this would be to hold a small object in your hand and slowly move it away from your face, ensuring that your eye followsrepparttar 149830 object and retains focus upon it.

One exercise which is know as "tromboning" has you hold a small object again, starting at arm's length. Then you need to breath in and moverepparttar 149831 object slowly closer to your face, until it touches your nose. You are then required to breath out, looking atrepparttar 149832 object as you again move it away from your face. Hencerepparttar 149833 notion of "Tromboning".

The See Clearly Method also employs a number of techniques which are aimed at accelerating progress or improvement. For example, there is a technique referred to asrepparttar 149834 "blur reading" technique, which asks you to turn a magazine upside-down at a distance whererepparttar 149835 words are not distinct. Then, you are supposed to choose one word and focus your attention around it, to see if you can identify any ofrepparttar 149836 letters.

As withrepparttar 149837 Bates' Method,repparttar 149838 eye exercises suggested inrepparttar 149839 See Clearly Method are certainly worthy of a go to see if they help you at all.

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Procrastination: Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome It

Written by By Teri B. Clark

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  • "Just what I need - more things to get done that I can't get done."
  • "If I can't finish one big thing, what makes me think I can finish many small things?"
  • "Who cares if you break it down? You still won't start it until it is due!"

And this kind of self-talk from your judgmental conscious mind is what you can expect whenever you try to overcome procrastination. So, what can you do?

One way to overcome procrastination is with hypnosis.

Put An End to Procrastination With Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you overcome procrastination forever. How? By detouring around your conscious mind!

Procrastination is nothing more than a bad habit. Your conscious mind doesn't like change and will "talk" you right out of changing. However, if you can get those suggestions into your subconscious mind withoutrepparttar judgmental filter, you can change from being a procrastination to being an achiever.

Hypnosis is stronger than willpower because it putsrepparttar 149787 suggestions straight into your subconscious,repparttar 149788 way advertisers do. Byrepparttar 149789 timerepparttar 149790 suggestions reach your conscious mind, they will have already been accepted by your subconscious - so no more defeating self talk to contend with!

Best of all, your changed status from procrastinator to achiever means that you will achieve your goals and still have time left over. Instead of using up all your spare time with worry and guilt and frustration, you can use your spare time for enjoyment and relaxation!

Hypnosis is an effective and lasting way to overcome procrastination. Use your willpower on procrastination one last time and get your hands on a hypnosis program today!

Learn to Overcome Procrastination in 8 audio sessions over 14 days! The advanced hypnosis techniques used in Dr Neil Fiore's program will help you eliminate your problems with procrastination, permanently. Dr. Fiore is a licensed psychologist with more than 30 years of research and testing experience. His powerful hypnosis techniques will help you easily become a producer instead of a procrastinator. Imagine, in just as little as two short weeks, you can eliminate your bad habit, have more time for your friends and family, and be much more successful at work and at home!

About The Author Teri Clark’s interest in the new and different has led to a successful online writing career as an editor, researcher, ghostwriter, and author. The North Carolina resident has a degree in psychology and her work includes hundreds of articles and several books and e-books on the subject of hypnosis.

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