EyeTrack III - Can It Really SEE Your Visitors Thought Patterns?

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Not really,repparttar Eeyetrack III didn't show a more positive response to websites that did mimic newspapers and their content. In fact,repparttar 128108 reaction torepparttar 128109 content was approximatelyrepparttar 128110 same as any other column online.

"It is very easy to get people to visit your site once, It's even harder to keep them there and/or get them to come back." MRL

Can you increaserepparttar 128111 time spent on your site?

Withrepparttar 128112 EyeTrack system, they also tested "time" factors into their findings. What they found wasn't too shocking since most humans reactrepparttar 128113 same way when browsing and & learning online.

Our attention span online is very limited, you need to grab their attention right away. If you don't grab someone's attention at first glance, they will click away onrepparttar 128114 spot.

What kind of design layout isrepparttar 128115 best?

Nothing too flashy seems to berepparttar 128116 winner. It was stated thatrepparttar 128117 individuals that were tested withrepparttar 128118 EYETRACK III didn't even look at many ofrepparttar 128119 graphics online untilrepparttar 128120 end. People seem to gravitate to text and headlines before they take a look at specials with graphics. This is such a turn around from newspapers and magazines.

So does this prove that content is king? I would think so.

Image & Graphics, can they really work?

Its was stated that,repparttar 128121 size of your image/graphics did make a difference. The larger you can go,repparttar 128122 better. So it may be wise to make sure that your advertisers within your site, haverepparttar 128123 largest graphic visible torepparttar 128124 eye to gainrepparttar 128125 most exposure for your advertisers as possible.

If you don't have advertisers on your site don't worry. Try to implement large images for your company’s services/products and specials. Please also keep in mind that not everyone is on high speed internet or cable. Make sure to test your site for download speeds and keep your download time to a minimal. You don't want to lose your visitors because it took more than a minute to download one page.

Everything has it's purpose:

Like mentioned before, internet marketing success is not one thing allrepparttar 128126 way, it's 100 little things coming together. Implementing these findings fromrepparttar 128127 EYETRACK III will increase your chances at winning your visitors hearts and getting them to come back time and time again.

Sitting around, reading articles like these and not creating new strategies will bring yourepparttar 128128 same results you have now. It'srepparttar 128129 people who take information like this and really try to implement them on their site that will achieve better results online.

Do yourself a favor, if you haven't readrepparttar 128130 EYETRACK III report, take some time out of your schedule to readrepparttar 128131 report right away.


I hope this article helps you out!

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How Yahoo's Recent Facelift Can Mean More Traffic To Your Site

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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“My Yahoo!” RSS Headline module Coming Out of Beta?

If I had to guess, I'd say all signs point to yes. When that happens, Yahoo's RSS/Atom directory will likely contain only those who added their feeds early. New feeds seeking to be included will probably face stricter standards than inrepparttar past.

If you don't have one yet don’t worry, because it’s never been easier to make one. If you can cut and paste, there are tools all overrepparttar 128107 Net that will show you how- some will even generaterepparttar 128108 file for you.

However, there are still certain guidelines you need to follow with your feed to get a good result out of Yahoo - again, it's not as simple as adding your feed now that there are more competing listings.

Yet, Yahoo is still accepting new sources for RSS feeds. Readers of my last book state that they are getting excellent results following my instructions, though initial inclusion no longer occurs atrepparttar 128109 same rate. Plenty of markets have few feeds available, or none at all. Your site could fill that void.

That means you still have a chance at a first page ranking. The traffic I get on a daily basis from My Yahoo readers alone sounds like I just like to brag.

And I do, but that's hardlyrepparttar 128110 point.

The point is, there's no place you can even go to buyrepparttar 128111 caliber of exposure torepparttar 128112 quality of audience that reads feeds.

The typical audience that accesses information by feed are also blog readers. A study this summer estimated thatrepparttar 128113 69.3% of blog readers are aged 29-50, and that 40% of this audience are people who have household incomes greater than $90,000.

The type of surfer that would subscribe to your feed has pre-qualified themselves as a lead, with a certain level of understanding and interest in your topic, often on a professional level. And if you don't spend every post hitting them overrepparttar 128114 head with your sales pitch, they can be both loyal and interactive.

(If you do, they'll unsubscribe from your feed faster than you can spell s-p-a-m.)

And if you're inrepparttar 128115 business of providing information you can use, in a way that shows how you can solve their problem, it's like preaching torepparttar 128116 converted. Further, if your product solves their problem, and you show that you deserverepparttar 128117 trust of this subscriber, you’ll also findrepparttar 128118 route to a sale an increasingly downward slope.

The bottom line - this isrepparttar 128119 power surfer's favorite toy. And if your content appeals to them, you need to learn how to play.

Learn how Tinu saw a 75% increase in both traffic and sales from feeds at http://freetraffictip.com/rssbook . For free reprint rights to her other articles (and a potential $500 bribe) send a blank email to moneyarticles@freetraffictip.com .

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