Exterior Decorating on a Budget

Written by Kathleen Wilson

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Use broken tiles to make a mosaic table forrepparttar porch, or create mosaic stepping stones forrepparttar 131064 yard. You could even update a tired old picnic table withrepparttar 131065 tiles. Create a wood plaque withrepparttar 131066 scrap wood, glue or paint your house #,s on it, and add mosaic tiling aroundrepparttar 131067 border for a very expensive look.

If you can find a fencing company willing to give you their discards, make garden posts for hanging lanterns or plants from posts. Be sure to cement these inrepparttar 131068 ground. Userepparttar 131069 boards to make rustic planters, or cut them down to make picket style garden fencing. Make an shingle style mailbox.

Vinyl flooring scraps can be made into floorcloths for your porch or patio with a little paint and polyurethane, and can be as decorative or as simple as you want, custom matching your homes colors and styles.

As you can see, with a little bit of hunting, you can findrepparttar 131070 materials to makerepparttar 131071 exterior of your home look like a masterpiece for almost no money, and you are saving a lot of good materials from our waste dumps!

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Kathleen Wilson is the editor of a free ezine and website called The Budget Decorator. When she’s not decorating or gardening she’s caring for her 5 kids, 3 stepkids, and wonderful husband. You can get more info and free projects at her website http://www.thebudgetdecorator.com

7 Tips to Simplify Your Life

Written by Barbara Myers

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4. Pare down. Do you really need six spatulas or 30 pairs of shoes?

5. Have a weekly "no noise" day. Turn offrepparttar T.V.s and radios. Tune in to nature and your family.

6. Make a list. Split your current activities and tasks into two columns: things I enjoy and things I don't enjoy. How can you reducerepparttar 131062 second column and increaserepparttar 131063 first?

7. Organize everything. What takes up too much of your time? Simplify your routines, your paperwork, your wardrobe, your life.

Barbara Myers is a professional organizer and author. Free tips booklet and e-zine to help you take control of your time by organizing your life. Visit http://www.ineedmoretime.com

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