Extension of Requirement for Biometric Passport Issuance.

Written by John Rians

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Glossary of Terms:

Biometric Passport - contains a computer chip containingrepparttar holder's photograph and personal information onrepparttar 119265 current passport, including name and date of birth, and a set of measurable personal features such as an iris image scan or fingerprints as identification markers.

Machine Readable Passport - contains two lines of printed OCR-B machine-readable data. The size ofrepparttar 119266 passport,repparttar 119267 arrangement of data fields andrepparttar 119268 photograph meetrepparttar 119269 standard ofrepparttar 119270 International Civil Aviation Organization.

US-VISIT Program - requires that most foreign visitors traveling torepparttar 119271 U.S. on a visa have their two index fingers scanned, and a digital photograph taken to verify their identity atrepparttar 119272 port of entry. Visas are required for most students, some business travelers and millions of other visitors, regardless of where they live. A departure confirmation program using automated kiosks is being tested at Baltimore-Washington International Airport and at select Miami Seaport cruise line terminals. Travelers leaving from either of these ports are required to confirm their departure atrepparttar 119273 kiosk by checking out, which involves scanning their passport or visa, and repeatingrepparttar 119274 scanning of two index fingers. Currentlyrepparttar 119275 officials are evaluatingrepparttar 119276 automated kiosk tests and considering alternatives for departure confirmation throughout 2004.

US Immigration Guide - providing information on green cards, visa lottery, and paths to become a legalized immigrant in the U.S.

Should You Hire a Vioxx Lawyer?

Written by Michael Monheit, Esquire

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A family member recently had a stroke. He was taking Vioxx for two years. Should we be contacting a Vioxx law firm regarding Vioxx litigation? ---- Yes, at least have a so you know your rights and understand what is at stake. What arerepparttar alternatives to Vioxx? Vioxx is a COX-2 selective, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Other COX-2 selective NSAIDs are Celebrex (celecoxib) and Bextra (valdecoxib). If you are considering taking Celebrex or Bextra, contact your doctor aboutrepparttar 119264 risks involved. Bextra has some serious side effects. Click here for more information about Bextra side effects.

Basically, all ofrepparttar 119265 NSAIDs have risks when taken long-term, especially for gastrointestinal (stomach) bleeding, but also kidney and liver toxicity. Vioxx is also related torepparttar 119266 nonselective NSAIDs -- ibuprofen and naproxen. Now that Vioxx has gone underrepparttar 119267 microscope perhapsrepparttar 119268 FDA will require more testing for Celebrex and Bextra.

Are Cox-2 inhibitors more effective than traditional NSAIDs for arthritis pain? ----- Opinions vary. Many doctors feel that Cox-2 inhibitors have never been shown to be more effective than traditional NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen. If gastrointestinal safety is an issue, patients are prescribed protective drugs like proton-pump inhibitors to lower their risk even more. Cox-2 inhibitors have bigger and more exorbitantly expensive marketing campaigns. Cox-2 inhibitors also cost much more than traditional NSAIDs.

What is rofecoxib? --- Rofecoxib isrepparttar 119269 generic scientific term forrepparttar 119270 compound that is marketed as Vioxx.

Will Vioxx be recalled? --- No, Merck is voluntarily withdrawing Vioxx fromrepparttar 119271 marketplace; a Vioxx recall is not necessary.

Can my pharmacist continue to refill my prescription for Vioxx? ----- No, Merck has initiated a market withdrawal inrepparttar 119272 United States atrepparttar 119273 pharmacy level. This means Vioxx will no longer be available at pharmacies. Talk to your doctor about what medication is right for you.

Can I get a refund on unused Vioxx? ------- Yes. Merck requires patients to mail backrepparttar 119274 unused Vioxx inrepparttar 119275 original container, along with a pharmacy receipt to: NNC Group Merck Returns 2670 Executive Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46241 Include a note withrepparttar 119276 patient's name, address, and phone number. Merck will reimburserepparttar 119277 cost ofrepparttar 119278 full prescription plus regular shipping.

Will there be a Vioxx class action suit? ------ Yes. There will be class actions. However, we will only be representing individual plaintiffs, and NOT filing any class actions.

Im taking Vioxx now. What should I do? ------- Consult with your doctor for further instructions. He may tell you to stop taking Vioxx. Merck is recommending people stop taking Vioxx.

How much does a Vioxx lawsuit cost? ------- Most Vioxx law firms will accept clients on a contingency basis. That means you do not payrepparttar 119279 law firm any money unless you winrepparttar 119280 case.

Monheit Law handles MDL and individual cases. They can be found at http://www.monheit.com

Michael Monheit, Esquire is the managing attorney for Monheit Law. The practice is focuse on plaintiff personal injury cases and Vioxx Lawyers info can be found at Vioxx Lawyer - Monheit Law

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