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This is why you must think about protectingrepparttar trademark of your products right fromrepparttar 145625 beginning. These days it is not uncommon to see pirate companies illegally copyingrepparttar 145626 trademark of recognized products withrepparttar 145627 intention of benefiting fromrepparttar 145628 established reputation of such products. In some cases such pirate companies could even try to register your trademark before you.

Registeringrepparttar 145629 trademark of your product inrepparttar 145630 United States is a low cost investment that guarantees yourepparttar 145631 possibility of exploiting your trademark's " built in " client base for a renewable ten-year period.

Help your business partners feel comfortable doing business with you.-

Those importers and distribution companies inrepparttar 145632 United States with whom you do business with, will feel more comfortable if they know that you have your product trademark properly registered inrepparttar 145633 USA. The reason why they rather have it this way, is because they would also be affected by a company that competes with them by illegally exploiting your trademark.

Don't let others steal your profits.-

Those fraudulent companies who feel tempted to copy your trademark will not necessarily have to be insiderepparttar 145634 USA. Their manufacturing operations could be located in other parts ofrepparttar 145635 world, possibly in Asia or in some corner of Latin America or Eastern Europe, and from there send their illegal products bearingrepparttar 145636 trademark of your company intorepparttar 145637 United States, affecting your sales and reputation with out you even noticing their actions.

That is why it is utterly important to seek protection for your trademark withrepparttar 145638 US Customs authority. Once your trademark is recorded withrepparttar 145639 US Customs, they will detain illegal shipments coming intorepparttar 145640 US either by sea, air or land, that illegally use your trademark for commercial purposes.

Secure your company's success.-

Having your trademark legally protected inrepparttar 145641 United States is without any doubt a low cost investment with a high benefit for your entrepreneurial future. Inrepparttar 145642 event that you decided to sell your entire company or just a part of it to an American company, by havingrepparttar 145643 trademark of your products protected you would be guaranteeing your self a more sharp and lucrative transaction.

ExportingToUSA.com is proud to help you do business inrepparttar 145644 United States offering you a variety of international marketing and intellectual property services. For more information click here.

ExportingToUSA.com are a group of international business consultants helping companies from Asia, Europe and Latin America export their products in to the US.

Future business key element in sales

Written by Matt Eliason

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Say you have a shoe store. Using a computerised system, you can capturerepparttar size, style and colour of shoe, plus its value (and therefore profitability). It is also not uncommon these days to ask for a person's name and telephone number as part ofrepparttar 145379 transaction process. Be upfront, say you are usingrepparttar 145380 information to build a better understanding of customer's needs to provide improved service. Sure some will refuse, but most won't. You can now start to build a profile of your customers.

Other questions to ask include howrepparttar 145381 person found out aboutrepparttar 145382 business (if by advertisement, which one), have they shopped there before (in which case you have some data already). Don't forget to ask if they would like to be informed of new shoes that meet their size/colour/style needs.

This information can be used to determinerepparttar 145383 recency and frequency of sales to particular customers, enabling specific promotional programs to be offered to those identified as most desirable.

Ongoing communication with clients gained through data capture when they are visiting your business is vital to ensuring they are constantly aware ofrepparttar 145384 goods and service you provide. This can be via letter, email or SMS.

Future business direction can also be gleaned through recognition of customer requests, especially if they are for items not normally carried in a store’s inventory, or included inrepparttar 145385 overall service package.

By better meeting your client’s needs, many businesses find location less important and customer loyalty and repeat business far more valuable.

Matt Eliason is CEO of PlusOne Marketing a business offering Marketing, Media and Communication services and advice. Read the regular blog for Ongoing Tips

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