Explosive Air

Written by Thomas Yoon

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The flow of coolant can sometimes berepparttar culprit. Whenrepparttar 127642 cooling pump fails, orrepparttar 127643 driving belt snaps there will be a lack of coolant flow. One must also find out whetherrepparttar 127644 valves for coolant have been accidentally closed or not.

Very often,repparttar 127645 effects build upon one another in a vicious cycle - poor heat transfer leads to more heat that carbonizes more oil which coatsrepparttar 127646 heat transfer surfaces more...which leads to worse heat transfer...

Therefore use oil lubricated air compressors with caution. If your air compressors have been running for a long time, chances are, your air compressor pipelines may have already accumulated a sizable amount of oil carried over together withrepparttar 127647 air flow during operation.

Does your air compressor work non-stop? Isrepparttar 127648 inter-cooler or repparttar 127649 after-cooler efficient? Is your compressed air hot? These are repparttar 127650 questions you have to ask yourself.

The oil film inrepparttar 127651 pipes turns to carbon with heat. The oxygen-rich and moist atmosphere insiderepparttar 127652 pipes can turnrepparttar 127653 oil into acids that can further deterioraterepparttar 127654 oil to form other organic compounds, perhaps some highly flammable products.

It just needs a spark or a hot spot to ignite this.


Did I frighten you?

What you need is good preventive maintenance. An air compressor working at peak condition with good cooling, good lubricating pressures, and good lubricant and good parts should give trouble-free performance throughout its lifetime.

Sometimesrepparttar 127655 compressor may have reachedrepparttar 127656 point of no return - coated coolers leading to high temperatures that lead to more coated cooling surfaces that lead to higher temperatures... In this case it is safer to discardrepparttar 127657 compressor altogether and obtain an entirely new compressor unit. It could be more economical - and safer!

If you do that, do ensure that preventive maintenance is done regularly to keeprepparttar 127658 unit at peak operating conditions allrepparttar 127659 time.

An explosion in an air compressor can have grave consequences. Don't take any chances. Perform regular preventive maintenance or buy a new unit before an explosion occurs.

Until next time…

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Keltic Seafaring

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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A review ofrepparttar circumstances surroundingrepparttar 127641 head's discovery confirmed it was placed in its burial ground no later than 1510 - a decade beforerepparttar 127642 Spanish arrived in Meso-America. Crucially,repparttar 127643 head was excavated fromrepparttar 127644 site by professionals, said David Kelley, an archaeologist atrepparttar 127645 University of Calgary, in Alberta {Professor Emeritus} Canada. 'This was sealed under three floors, it’s as close to archaeological certainty as you can get.' {Emphasis and N.B.}

Archaeologist David Grove, ofrepparttar 127646 University of Illinois, agreed thatrepparttar 127647 head was Roman, but pointed out that there was no evidence of Roman influence on pre-Columbian cultures. He suggested thatrepparttar 127648 head could have been washed ashore from a Roman shipwreck inrepparttar 127649 Gulf of Mexico. Even so, there seems no denying that Roman sailors had reached American waters. 'Ancient Mesoamerica, v.10, p.207; Scotsman, Guardian, D. Mail, 10 Feb; New Scientist, 12 Feb 2000.'

Mark McManamin, professor of geography and geology at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, is convinced thatrepparttar 127650 Carthaginians discovered America between 350 and 320 BC. In a recent issue of 'The Numismatic' magazine, and at a meeting ofrepparttar 127651 American Friends of Tunisia Association in May 1999, he interpreted a series of puzzling gold coins of that period as depictions ofrepparttar 127652 known world, including a land mass torepparttar 127653 west of Spain. Experts on ancient trade routes believe thatrepparttar 127654 Carthaginians almost certainly reachedrepparttar 127655 coast of Brazil, where Punic amphorae (containing olive oil and wine) have been found; and Punic coins ofrepparttar 127656 4th century BC have been excavated at seven sites inrepparttar 127657 eastern United States, unfortunately not specified in our source ('Jeune Afrique’, Paris,7, 1 Sept 1999). According torepparttar 127658 Xinhua Chinese press agency last August, similarities between nearly 300 markings found on pottery, jade and stone at unspecified ancient native sites in central America closely resemble 3,000-year-old Shang dynasty characters forrepparttar 127659 sun, sky, rain, water, crops, trees and stars inscribed on animal bones or tortoise shells, known as Jiaguwen. American and Chinese pictographs in 56 matching sets were shown to senior academics at a symposium in Anyang, former capital ofrepparttar 127660 Shang dynasty.

These impressive similarities add fuel to theories that Chinese arrived inrepparttar 127661 Americas beforerepparttar 127662 end ofrepparttar 127663 Shang dynasty in 221 BC. Shang legends state that a king led his people on a journey torepparttar 127664 east, with some scholars believing that it took them acrossrepparttar 127665 Bering Strait to North America. The Chinese classic,repparttar 127666 'Shan Hai King' of about 2250 BC, contains what seems to be an accurate description ofrepparttar 127667 Grand Canyon. {We have articles describing a massive complex being found dug intorepparttar 127668 walls ofrepparttar 127669 Grand Canyon at a significant height up from whererepparttar 127670 river now flows. Pictures of a Buddha-like statue that is a lotus god from Egypt are inrepparttar 127671 article. The US government put it off limits afterrepparttar 127672 Smithsonian went and made a report verifying an earlier report from credible people early inrepparttar 127673 20th century. You can't get torepparttar 127674 area any easy way, even if you wanted to go behindrepparttar 127675 officials. The Grand Canyon was one of my accounts when I worked inrepparttar 127676 area.} Peanuts and maize have been found at ancient Chinese sites dating back to 3000 BC. The orthodox view is that neither of these plants left their native America before their export by European colonists inrepparttar 127677 16th century AD.

In AD 499, a Chinese Buddhist monk, Hui Shen, returned to China claiming to have spent 40 years inrepparttar 127678 land of Fu Sang. He left a record ofrepparttar 127679 country he visited, which has been recorded in official histories - a land thought by some modern scholars to be ancient Mexico.

Then there isrepparttar 127680 3,000-year-old pottery found onrepparttar 127681 Valdivian coast of Ecuador, decorated and incised in exactlyrepparttar 127682 same way as pottery fromrepparttar 127683 Jomon area of Japan {We touched onrepparttar 127684 Canadian Museum of Civilization and a lie saying there was evidence of earlier local industry.}, and not preceded in Ecuador by plainer and simpler bowls and urns, 'National Post (Toronto), 27 Aug; D. Telegraph, 28 Aug 1999'. The maverick historian Farley Mowat recently brought out 'The Farfarers: Beforerepparttar 127685 Norse', in which he argues thatrepparttar 127686 first Europeans to reach America were 'Albans' {A site in central America has a similar name.} who set off fromrepparttar 127687 north of Scotland inrepparttar 127688 8th century AD in search of walrus ivory (for centuries considered more valuable than gold), sailing from Iceland to Greenland and northern Labrador. The 78-year-old kilted Canadian author {Who my oldest brother's first wife's father spent two years with as a missionary inrepparttar 127689 Arctic.} maintains thatrepparttar 127690 remains of long houses far aboverepparttar 127691 tree-line in northern Quebec were built by these immigrants {Yet I've read articles saying Mowat has no first hand experience and other stupid remarks about an eminently honest person who has nothing but disdain for most academics.}. His 36 books onrepparttar 127692 life, history and ecology of North America have sold 15 million copies, and he shrugs offrepparttar 127693 scorn of conventional historians. 'Times, 9 Nov. 1999. For a general round up of pre-Columbian discovery-of-America claims, see FT61:26-28.’” (3)

My first-hand viewing of many sculpted or cast heads atrepparttar 127694 Villas Archaeologique andrepparttar 127695 fresco of blond warriors atrepparttar 127696 Temple of Warriors there (Chichen Itza) is just one of a thousand other factual things you'll see in this encyclopedia. Botany bringsrepparttar 127697 American sweet potato that convinced nay sayers in that discipline, which had been insistent they were right. Sociologists, geologists and map makers as well as historians and oceanographers and physicists are all included as every possible area of study has good evidencerepparttar 127698 liars had good reason to hide their true purposes from people they sought to abuse. 'Liars' is a very kind word, and it was quite gracious ofrepparttar 127699 Amerindians to sayrepparttar 127700 white man spoke with a tongue that is forked.

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