Exploring the Universe with Dr. Norio Kaifu

Written by Gayle Olson

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What willrepparttar new telescope discover? Astronomerís will be usingrepparttar 127718 telescope to studyrepparttar 127719 history of our galaxy and answer questions as to how life was created inrepparttar 127720 universe. New planets may be discovered, possibly including planets which support life. They will be looking as far as possible into deep space and looking back in time. Light fromrepparttar 127721 most distant objects have been travelling for billions of years, they may even be able to catch sight ofrepparttar 127722 end ofrepparttar 127723 universe. The Subaru will be beneficial torepparttar 127724 science of astronomy as all data will be shared with astronomers worldwide. The economic spinoffs and technology have greatly enhancedrepparttar 127725 Island of Hawaii.

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Hurricane Fact Sheet

Written by Gayle Olson

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Ifrepparttar heat released by an average hurricane in one day could be converted to electricity, it could supplyrepparttar 127717 United States' electrical needs for about six months.

The heat energy released in a single day can equalrepparttar 127718 energy released byrepparttar 127719 fusion of four hundred 20-megaton hydrogen bombs.

As it travels acrossrepparttar 127720 ocean, a hurricane may pick up as much as two billion tons of water each day through evaporation and sea spray.

Some two million metric tons of air are circulated in, up and out ofrepparttar 127721 hurricane each second.

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