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Written by Jesse S. Somer

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Another neat aspect ofrepparttar technology is that you can tilt and rotaterepparttar 151095 satellite’s view to give you a more 3-D perspective on buildings, mountains and landmarks onrepparttar 151096 terrain. Many people have asked me ifrepparttar 151097 photos are real time and if you run out front of your house will you see yourself? We would need a lot of satellites out in orbit if we hoped to have this kind of ‘Big Brother’ capability and I‘m sure ethical questions would also be raised.

If you are looking for directionsrepparttar 151098 program will actually drive or fly you onrepparttar 151099 best route to get where you are going. The website has photos of ten ofrepparttar 151100 most popular ‘destinations’ so you can check outrepparttar 151101 quality ofrepparttar 151102 high-resolution photos. Withrepparttar 151103 ‘Measure’ tool you can see how far it is torepparttar 151104 local airport or from Paris to London. Withrepparttar 151105 ‘Pro’ version at $200 (there are three versions) you can also measure area, radius, and perimeter, which can have many applications in professional situations. There are also different layers of mapping information you can click on so allrepparttar 151106 volcanoes or golf courses will come up automatically if they are what you choose to see in a specific area. If you are searching for places to dine, when a restaurant comes up onrepparttar 151107 screen you can click on ‘more’ and information such as hours of operation, menus, reviews, and links torepparttar 151108 business website become available.

Pretty cool huh! The only problem you may have is that your computer may not be powerful enough to handlerepparttar 151109 software or 3-D graphics capability. You also miss out if you own a Macintosh, as a compatible version hasn’t been built for them yet. Don’t take my word for it, go torepparttar 151110 site and check it out. You may find that it has applications that could changerepparttar 151111 face of your business as well asrepparttar 151112 way you look at traversing our world, not to mentionrepparttar 151113 ease to which you will be able to locate pizzas anywhere on Earth.

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Do You Have Dead Pixels?

Written by Lynn Chan

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You can also do a low tech way by changing your desktop's background color to black, white, red, green blue and yellow, checkingrepparttar screen each time you changerepparttar 151084 colors. This is of course not fool proof especially if you have tons of icons on your desktop but it's a good 'backup' check if you don't have Internet access to downloadrepparttar 151085 file or whateverrepparttar 151086 case may be.

If you do find dead pixels, don't panic yet, as mentioned earlier, a small amount of dead pixels could be inevitable but if you have a lot of them and your notebook computer is still under warranty, this may be a good time to call uprepparttar 151087 manufacturer and ask for assistance.

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