Exploiting the Keyword „Free“

Written by Lil Waldner

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The Cons

The use of free services is usually tied with advertising. If free webhosting services are used for setting up of a mass of mini websites, it is always combined with a free subdomain and with pop up ads atrepparttar hosted free website. Websites with a subdomain, however, usually are denied for inclusion by web directories.

The user of a free hosting service has to accept mailings. Otherwiserepparttar 140342 free service can be stopped. Many, many more ad mailings and pop up’s arerepparttar 140343 result ofrepparttar 140344 use of free services.

The customer has to wait weeks, even months untilrepparttar 140345 website gets a free directory listing. Free classified ads are lost inrepparttar 140346 mass of free ads. The internet merchant cannot sustain with free services and free gifts. The customers have to buy and pay at last to make internet marketing viable. There are a lot of freebie hunters, but paying customers are needed at last.


Free services and free goods are a fine matter. An internet merchant, however, should not userepparttar 140347 keyword “free” often. It is enough, ifrepparttar 140348 word free appears on a spot atrepparttar 140349 website, whererepparttar 140350 free gift is offered. It should not be used inrepparttar 140351 list of keywords for search engine, directory submissions and classified ads in order to avoid too many hunters of free services.

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diamond jewelry india , diamond jewelry manufacturer

Written by Mr. Praven Sharma

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(Swapan Kumar)

The founder of Djewels Pvt. Ltd., is a well known and highly respectable in the Diamond industry worldwide, he is also a qualified / certified gemologist.

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