Exploit Your Very Own Gold Mine

Written by Dave Balch

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When you are collectingrepparttar data, however, be sure to get their e-mail address. It costs nothing to ask for it, so ask for it! Here's why: when you do decide how and when to contact your customers, you can send e-mail instead of an expensive mailer to everyone with an e-mail address. You save money on labor, printing, envelopes, and postage. Plus, it gets there in minutes instead of days.

What should you send to your list? How about special offers to get people to come to your store during slow periods, or sales on slow-moving merchandise? You can start a newsletter; it doesn't have to be fancy, just keep your name in front of them and give them something useful such as recipes or "newsy" things pertaining to your products or services. Give them value. They'll give you business.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity! Start building your database now. Trust me, you'll figure out how to use it and when you do you can be very, very effective in very little time.

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New and Improved... Or Is It?

Written by Bill Platt

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Don't you think that this person might feel cheated?

I expect that they will, if they ever discover that they were misled inrepparttar first place. Most will never makerepparttar 117604 connection, but those who do will definately look at this marketing guru from that day forward with distrust in his eyes.

If you have ever been known to userepparttar 117605 words "New" and "Improved" to sugar your headlines, ad body or articles, take notice and be aware.

Your reputation is far more valuable to your long-term success thanrepparttar 117606 profits that can reaped through usingrepparttar 117607 words "New" and "Improved" dishonestly to get someone's attention.

"There is nothing new underrepparttar 117608 sun."

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