Explode Your Traffic and Sales!

Written by A. T. Rendon

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5. Viral Marketing is Powerful.

If you start a two-tier affiliate program, your affiliates earn money on others who sign up under them. This brings you a steady flow of new sales reps to recruit more affiliates. This creates a viral marketing strategy with HUGE growth potential!

If one affiliate signs two others and they sign two others, etc.

6. Improved Search Engine Ranking.

Link popularity plays an important role inrepparttar ranking of your site onrepparttar 102580 major search engines, especially top ranked Google, http://www.google.com/. The more web sites that point to your domain,repparttar 102581 higher your ranking will be.

7. Duplicate Your Efforts.

Every affiliate that joins your team will DUPLICATE your online business efforts for you. Instead of just one web site, yours, selling your product and/or service, you can have 100's or perhaps even 1000's of web sites all promoting your business.

How can you start your own affiliate program?

Our research did not find any free affiliate hosting services although just a few years ago there were many online.

But there are still many low cost options available to even those on a tight budget. These programs will quickly pay for themselves inrepparttar 102582 added revenues that they help generate for you.

For complete details, send a blank message to our Auto-Responder at: mailto:affiliates@emailexchange.org

You just can't lose with an affiliate program.

No matter how you decide to handle your program, it will result in free exposure for your business.

Unlike one-time advertising campaigns, an affiliate program keeps working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, it has limitless growth potential.

Instead of you alone trying to push your product or service, you can have 10, 20 or even 200 affiliates spreadingrepparttar 102583 word on what you have to offer.

Affiliates will "Explode Your Traffic and Sales!"

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Where Do I Start?

Written by John Colanzi

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** A good program will supply you with sales aids and teach you how to follow up on prospects.

** It's like an apprenticeship. You're being paid to learn.

** You're building an opt in list. When you're ready to launch you're own products, you've got a built in audience.

Just follow these simple steps.

1. Find a good program that will give you a marketing education and a solid income stream.

2. Build your opt in list.

3. When you're ready, start promoting your own products and services.

I'm sorry if you were looking for ideas on becoming an over - night millionaire. This isn'trepparttar plan for you.

This simple plan is for you if:

A. You want to build a solid long term, business.

B. You don't want to throw away money chasing pie inrepparttar 102579 sky dreams.

C. You realize that making money online is like anything else in life. You have to learn in order to earn.

Get started now. Big goals are accomplished, one step at a time.

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi Street Smart Marketing http://www.internet-profits4u.com

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