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Written by Richard Logan

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Customized to fit you

DialResults uses onlyrepparttar top-quality, open architecture of their call center software and enhanced VoIp convergence computer telephony allows you to access your business requirements and customize your application to fit your unique requirements.

User Proficiency

DialResults uses a Windows® server in a web IP enabled environment that is familiar to most computer users. Sincerepparttar 133496 predictive dialer tools are easy-to-use, productivity is higher for employees.

Why DialResults? The face ofrepparttar 133497 call center inudstry is changing. Learn more on how DialResults http://www.dialresults.com driverepparttar 133498 latest VoIP convergence technology. For more information on DialResults call Richard Logan @ 888-839-3613 ext.4581.

I have over 15 years in the Contact Center arena. Both running very large call centers to help in the development of solutions for the Mortgage industry, consultant and more.

Time for a World-Class change!!

Written by James Sorrell

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