Exit Exchanges - Do They Really Work?

Written by Michael Low

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Some unscrupulous site owners spawn one popunder after another - creating a seemingly endless stream of popunders which refuse to go away! These rogue sites create a bad image of popunder advertising.

However, fromrepparttar above illustration, we can see that if used responsibly, popunders are one ofrepparttar 125048 most effective forms of advertising available.

My advice?

Join an exit exchange that only display a maximum of 1 popunder per visitor. To see an example of such an exit exchange, visit w3exit exchange at http://www.w3exit.com

2. Targeting

Before joining an exit exchange, make sure they have suitable content categories for your website.

If your website is about web design, you should select appropriate categories like Web Development or Web Design.

The more specificrepparttar 125049 categories offered,repparttar 125050 betterrepparttar 125051 targeting, andrepparttar 125052 higherrepparttar 125053 quality of traffic exchanged.

If an exit exchange seems to show get-rich-quick schemes allrepparttar 125054 time, thenrepparttar 125055 traffic exchanged probably won't be of much use.

Targeting isrepparttar 125056 key to quality traffic.

So if you own a webmaster resource site, you should join an exit exchange like w3exit at http://www.w3exit.com which caters specifically to web development related sites.

Should you use an exit exchange?

I believe if you weighrepparttar 125057 pros and cons, you'll agree that exit exchanges do provide a better deal. Why exchange banners when you can exchange visitors?

Here are some exit exchanges you can consider:

http://www.w3exit.com (recommended for web dev sites) http://www.exitdirect.com http://www.adexit.com http://www.freevisits.com

Michael Low is a professional PR Strategist. He provides top- notch PR services at highly affordable rates. Check out his full range of PR packages at http://www.prbuilder.com/pr.cgi?a014

Promoting Your Work through Press Releases and Conferences

Written by Shonda Ponder

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When sending a press release,repparttar most important part ofrepparttar 125047 release is your contact information. This givesrepparttar 125048 media someone to call if they decide to pick uprepparttar 125049 release and do their own investigation and interviews for their own story. If you are a new and upcoming organization, working withrepparttar 125050 media, not againstrepparttar 125051 media, is important -- and how you approachrepparttar 125052 media with your information, or how you respond torepparttar 125053 media's inquiries will be an important factor inrepparttar 125054 success of your organization.

When dealing with media calls concerning a press release you have sent out, you must try to remember that it is, after all,repparttar 125055 media's job to ask hard questions. They may seem as if they are attacking you, and how you answer their hard questions will determine how much support you can get from them. Do not attack back. Don't throw up your hands in frustration in front of them. Remain calm, smile, and answerrepparttar 125056 question torepparttar 125057 best of your ability, usingrepparttar 125058 best poker face you have. The most important rule to follow is never make them angry. The media can destroy you.

It is acceptable, after a work is published that is contrary to your liking, to send out a follow-up press release inrepparttar 125059 form of a rebuttal. Utilizing this opportunity for further press conferences can be rewarding. When doing so, try not to say anything out loud that mentionsrepparttar 125060 name of a specific publication that has violated your trust, sorepparttar 125061 media will not portray you as attacking their competition. You may, however, provide copies of that violation without quotes from you torepparttar 125062 media that shows up forrepparttar 125063 conference, so that they can form their own words to describe what happened. Doing this will ensure that you gainrepparttar 125064 trust of all those who attend.

Shonda Ponder is the editor and owner of the Friends of Liberty web site. Friends of Liberty is a Promotional Media Organization, dedicated to teaching promotional skills to amateurs who are politically active.

Friends of Liberty can be located on the world wide web at http://www.friendsofliberty.com. Shonda Ponder can be contacted at shonda@friendsofliberty.com

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