Exercise – More is NOT better!

Written by Greg Ryan - High Profile Fitness Expert!

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point where it just goes throughrepparttar motions. The only thing you are really doing is satisfying your brain. The muscles shut down, hit plateaus and ache. These are all signs of over doing it. They reality is, which will seem illogical is thatrepparttar 149020 muscles grow and recuperate while they are resting, not duringrepparttar 149021 workouts. This was very hard for me to understand until I worked out for a summer with Brian Silk Mr. Universe. Brian was lifting halfrepparttar 149022 weight in halfrepparttar 149023 time, performing halfrepparttar 149024 exercising I was doing. Obviously I was doing something wrong.

He went on to explain to me just this. The hardest thing for me to do at that time was walk out ofrepparttar 149025 gym when it seemed as though I was only through half my workout. One year later I wonrepparttar 149026 Mr. Michigan Bodybuilding championships.

Here is my point: Making progress in your exercise program comes down to; working smart not hard, listening to your body, and understanding more exercise is bad for you inrepparttar 149027 long run. The magic is in this formula: Consistency + variety + efficiency = results!

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The Effects of Creatine Supplements on Your Body

Written by Hamoon Arbabi

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The enhanced athletic performance, which occurs when taking creatine supplement therefore leads to greater, muscle mass and strength. The ability of creatine supplement to promote amino acid uptake and stimulate protein synthesis increases muscle strength and size. Strong muscle growth is enhanced and maintained through creatine supplements. Taking a creatine supplement can improve all physical abilities immensely. The effects of creatine supplement are available to any athlete needing short bursts of intense energy. Becauserepparttar capacity to train harder is increased by creatine supplement,repparttar 148953 exhaustion point takes longer to reach. A phosphocreatine depletion in type II muscle fiber can cause fatigue, which creatine supplement remedies by replenishing phosphocreatine. These effects of creatine means minimal exhaustion and an improved performance. Research onrepparttar 148954 effects of creatine suggests that creatine supplement may have a variety of other uses. Currently creatine supplement is being studied in relation torepparttar 148955 neuromuscular system. The positive effects of creatine supplement may be found to have therapeutic applications inrepparttar 148956 field of brain pathology. The regenerating abilities of creatine supplement could soon be utilized when treating muscular atrophy and other wasting syndromes. The ability and effects of creatine to protectrepparttar 148957 brain from neurological injury has been well documented. Components in creatine supplement help shieldrepparttar 148958 human brain against neurotoxic agents and injury.

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