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Written by David McCormick

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The third problem is: How vigorous does a person need to exercise? If you go at your absolute peak, you may only last three minutes, maybe less, and that won't be effective. It is difficult to gauge how much you can push yourself to be exhausted exactly at 12 minutes.

Finally, though vigorous exercise technically takes less time, it requires changing into workout clothes, doingrepparttar exercise, then taking a shower and changing back again. That means scheduling more time forrepparttar 141074 preparation than for low-intensity activities, as well as having access to a place to change. Onrepparttar 141075 other hand, going for a brisk walk you can do on a whim, maybe more than once a day, in your regular clothes.

The Best of Both Worlds: Two Alternatives

You can get good results using either method, butrepparttar 141076 best method is to combinerepparttar 141077 two. If you're inrepparttar 141078 gym using a stationary bike, your goal should be to do a warm-up of aerobic activity for about 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of anaerobic exercise. For many people, a 20 minute brisk walk followed by a 10 minute fast bicycling makesrepparttar 141079 most sense. For those who play high intensity sports like racketball, a light warm up on a stationary bike for 20 minutes before a match can kick-startrepparttar 141080 fat burning process. Everyone is different.

That may be too much for someone who is just starting out, though. The best recommendation is to start at a low intensity activity like walking, and gradually increasingrepparttar 141081 intensity week to week. A good way to do this is to walk downrepparttar 141082 street directly away from your home for 20 minutes, then turn around and walk back at a slightly quicker pace. This low-intensity 40 minute exercise every day should be fine forrepparttar 141083 first week. Don't aim to run right fromrepparttar 141084 start, start slow, be patient, and improve consistently every day. After a week or two, turnrepparttar 141085 "walk away" portion into a quick power-walk and try to jog allrepparttar 141086 way back. Remember to use time, not distance, as your measuring-stick. Making your workouts shorter is NOTrepparttar 141087 goal, we always want our fat-burning exercise to last 30 minutes, and our warm-up aerobics to last 20 minutes, regardless of distance.

The best fat-burning work out is difficult to program into a stationary bike, and works best onrepparttar 141088 street. This is "interval training". This type of workout allows you to getrepparttar 141089 benefits of high-intensity exercise and make it last over 20 minutes to burn fat right away. The formula is simple: Walk for 2 minutes, then run for 1 minute. Then repeat. Userepparttar 141090 walking portion to catch your breath and prepare forrepparttar 141091 next high-intensity interval. At first, your "high intensity" may simply be a jog, don't over do it. Overrepparttar 141092 weeks, increaserepparttar 141093 intensity of your high-intensity portion. When you get up to a run, do NOT try to increaserepparttar 141094 duration ofrepparttar 141095 high-intensity portion. You'll benefit more by continuing to increaserepparttar 141096 pace to a sprint, if possible. Keeprepparttar 141097 duration ofrepparttar 141098 entire work out to 30 minutes or more. As I mentioned above, with all street running, bewarerepparttar 141099 impact on your joints.


How regular should exercise be? Every day. Anyone can fit in one half hour into their schedule. You should look forward torepparttar 141100 physical activity, so choose one that you like to do if walking isn't for you. Remember that you're training your body to lose weight. If you don't exercise every day, your body will think that when you do exercise, it's a minor exceptional change. Only by doing it every day will your body come to expect it, and will therefore prepare for it. Training your body to expect to burn calories is halfrepparttar 141101 battle! If anything, takerepparttar 141102 stairs instead ofrepparttar 141103 elevator.

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Wait Less for Weight Loss


Ephedra: It's Not Just for Weight Loss Anymore

Written by Amy S. Grant

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What you may not know is thatrepparttar ephedra plant has been used to treat a number of respiratory and circulatory conditions, including asthma, allergies (such as hay fever) andrepparttar 140767 common cold. Ephedrine, orrepparttar 140768 synthetic equivalent called pseudoephedrine, can be found in many over-the-counter cold and allergy medications, including Sudafed. Ephedra is a vasodilator, which means it relaxes (or dilates) blood vessels, which allows blood to flow more easily, and allows nasal passages to open wider. In Chinese medicine, ephedra has been used for thousands of years to increase blood flow and improve circulation.

Athletes have used ephedra for centuries, since it helps build muscle and burn fat. Many people report increased energy and stamina while using ephedra, which increases overall athletic performance.

Ephedra is generally considered safe when adhering torepparttar 140769 recommended doses. Since ephedra is a very powerful and effective supplement, you should check with your physician before using ephedra if you have any ofrepparttar 140770 following conditions: anxiety, high blood pressure, glaucoma or heart disease. Do not take ephedra if you are pregnant or lactating. Itís recommended to check with your physician before beginning any weight loss program.

Sincerepparttar 140771 ban was lifted so recently, only one company currently offers ephedra supplements online. You can purchase ephedra while supplies last at: http://www.BetaFuelDirect.com or http://www.EphedraBurnsFat.com

Amy Grant is an avid fitness enthusiast who enjoys scuba diving, photography, and empowering people to achieve their goals.

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