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Written by Mufad

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4> robots.txt exclusions The robots.txt file is used to informrepparttar searchengine spider which pages on a site should not be indexed. When you exchange links it is a good practice to look at domainname/robots.txt just to get an idea ifrepparttar 119368 page where your link is going to be placed is within reach ofrepparttar 119369 crawlers - or not.

5> javascript includes or redirects Some webmasters may place links in an external javascript file! Google has been crawling external .js files and it is not likely thatrepparttar 119370 search engines can be fooled. You should always prefer an on page link to a javascript link.

6> IFRAMES An IFRAME is a page inside another page. If you encounter a site that is using an IFRAME to link to other sites, you should visitrepparttar 119371 IFRAME url and checkrepparttar 119372 PR of that page independent ofrepparttar 119373 outer page. You should determinerepparttar 119374 worth ofrepparttar 119375 link byrepparttar 119376 PR ofrepparttar 119377 inner page.

7> In Context Links There is a good amount of speculation and I myself do believe that incontext links are given more importance byrepparttar 119378 searchengines. So if there was a choice between an in-context link like The work at home business community ... and a standalone link like Work at Home I would certainly go forrepparttar 119379 in-context link.

8> Link Title It is important to have your keywords in your link text. In addition torepparttar 119380 link textrepparttar 119381 link 'title' parameter also is believed to play some role. Work at Home is preferable to Work at Home When you move your mouse overrepparttar 119382 first link, you will find a small tooltip like description forrepparttar 119383 link. The title parameter works linkrepparttar 119384 alt for images.

9> Bold Links in bold are believed to be given more importance, Work at Home Is preferable to Work at Home

10> Prominence Some people have debated thatrepparttar 119385 higher onrepparttar 119386 page that your link appears,repparttar 119387 more important it is considered byrepparttar 119388 search engines.

Those arerepparttar 119389 points to remember when you exchange links. When you search in google for you will be able to seerepparttar 119390 important backlinks for your site (or your competitor's). Usually pages with PR4 and above will show in google backlinks and these links arerepparttar 119391 most valuable link partners fromrepparttar 119392 viewpoint ofrepparttar 119393 search engines.

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Building Link Popularity As Easy As 123

Written by Matt Colyer

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By chance is your news section at a good place that you could put my link at?

If you have any questions or need anything feel free to contact me at or call me at (put area code here) 777-7777.

Try to find outrepparttar site owner's name and if they have a phone number listed onrepparttar 119367 site call that number, you will get much better results that way because they know you are not some spamming robot that emails every site they come a cross. Download Google's Toolbar (http:/ to make sure that inbound links are from decent sites, with a minimum of 1 onrepparttar 119368 toolbar. The higherrepparttar 119369 PageRankrepparttar 119370 better. Also remember that your homepage is notrepparttar 119371 only part of your site that you can get links for, so try to get links to other pages on your site. This will allow robots to spider your site better and have more ways in.

Here is more tips on how to get more links to your site.

1) Link to them first

2) Put no more than 20 links on your links page if you use one.

3) Use categories on your links page.

Matt Colyer is the owner of the He also is a php, CGI and ASP developer.

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