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Written by TrysDan Roberts

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Detentions and assassinations, along with intermittent electricity, have also been contributing to sleepless nights. We’re hearing about raids in many areas inrepparttar Karkh half of Baghdad in particular. Onrepparttar 146322 televisionrepparttar 146323 talk about ‘terrorists’ being arrested, but there are dozens of people being rounded up for no particular reason. Almost every Iraqi family can giverepparttar 146324 name of a friend or relative who is in one ofrepparttar 146325 many American prisons for no particular reason. They aren’t allowed to see lawyers or have visitors and stories of torture have become commonplace. Both Sunni and Shia clerics who are in opposition torepparttar 146326 occupation are particularly prone to attacks by “Liwa il Theeb” orrepparttar 146327 special Iraqi forces Wolf Brigade. They are often tortured during interrogation and some of them are found dead.

There were also several explosions and road blocks today. It tookrepparttar 146328 cousin an hour to get to work, which was only twenty minutes away beforerepparttar 146329 war. Now, he has to navigate between closed streets, check points, and those delightful concrete barriers rising up everywhere. It is especially difficult to be caught in traffic and that happens a lot lately. Baghdad has been cut up into sections and several of them may be found to be off limits immediately after an explosion or before a Puppet meeting. The least pleasant situation is to be caught in mid-day traffic, on a crowded road, inrepparttar 146330 heat- waiting forrepparttar 146331 next bomb to go off.

What people find particularly frustrating isrepparttar 146332 fact that while Baghdad seems to be falling apart in so many ways with roads broken and pitted, buildings blasted and burnt out and residential areas often swimming in sewage,repparttar 146333 Green Zone is flourishing. The walls surrounding restricted areas housing Americans and Puppets have gotten higher- as if vying withrepparttar 146334 tallest of date palms for height. The concrete reinforcements and road blocks designed to slow and impede traffic are now a part of everyday scenery-repparttar 146335 road,repparttar 146336 trees,repparttar 146337 shops,repparttar 146338 earth,repparttar 146339 sky… andrepparttar 146340 ugly concrete slabs sometimes wound insidiously with barbed wire.

The price of building materials has gone up unbelievably, in spite ofrepparttar 146341 fact that major reconstruction has not yet begun. I assumed it was because so much ofrepparttar 146342 concrete and other building materials was going to reinforcerepparttar 146343 restricted areas. A friend who recently got involved working with an Iraqi subcontractor who takes projects inside ofrepparttar 146344 Green Zone explained that it was more than that. The Green Zone, he told us, is a city in itself. He came back awed, and more than a little bit upset. He talked of designs and plans being made for everything fromrepparttar 146345 future US Embassy andrepparttar 146346 housing complex that will surround it, to restaurants, shops, fitness centers, gasoline stations, constant electricity and water- a virtual country inside of a country with its own rules, regulations and government. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome torepparttar 146347 Republic ofrepparttar 146348 Green Zone, also known asrepparttar 146349 Green Republic.

“The Americans won’t be out in less than ten years.” Is howrepparttar 146350 argument often begins withrepparttar 146351 friend who has enteredrepparttar 146352 Green Republic. “How can you say that?” Is usually my answer- and I begin to throw around numbers- 2007, 2008 maximum… Could they possibly want to be here longer? Can they afford to be here longer? At this, T. shakes his head- if you could seerepparttar 146353 bases they are planning to build- if you could see what already has been built- you’d know that they are going to be here for quite a while.

The Green Zone is a source of consternation and aggravation forrepparttar 146354 typical Iraqi. It makes us anxious because it symbolisesrepparttar 146355 heart ofrepparttar 146356 occupation and if fortifications and barricades are any indicator-repparttar 146357 occupation is going to be here for a long time. It is a provocation because no matter how anyone tries to explain or justify it, it is like a slap inrepparttar 146358 face. It tells us that while we are citizens in our own country, our comings and goings are restricted because portions ofrepparttar 146359 country no longer belong to its people. They belong torepparttar 146360 people living inrepparttar 146361 Green Republic.

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Lies, Damned Lies… and Statistics: The U.S. Economic Reports

Written by Dene McGriff

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Greenspan andrepparttar Federal Reserve continue to act confused about what is happening. They giverepparttar 146176 impression of trying their best to keeprepparttar 146177 American economic engine on track. He assures us that inflation is under control, thatrepparttar 146178 housing industry just has a little “froth” in it, but thatrepparttar 146179 economy is growing soundly at a 3.5 to 4 percent clip.

So canrepparttar 146180 United States continue to have massive budget deficits, massive trade deficits and continue to lose productive capacity to other countries and still berepparttar 146181 great consumer nation ofrepparttar 146182 world? Are we looking at a mere slowdown or something worse? We, as Americans, are an optimistic people with such faith in our country, and if past performance is any judge, reason to continue to have great faith. The question is, have changes been occurring right under our nose without our even knowing about it? Has there been a massive cover up to keep us inrepparttar 146183 dark?

So let’s look atrepparttar 146184 American government’s reporting onrepparttar 146185 economy: inflation, growth, unemployment, cost of living indices, etc. Let’s see how reporting has changed overrepparttar 146186 years in order to hiderepparttar 146187 real situation fromrepparttar 146188 public and experts alike.


Inflation is one ofrepparttar 146189 most important indices there is. Inflation representsrepparttar 146190 hidden tax we all pay. Sincerepparttar 146191 beginning ofrepparttar 146192 Federal Reserve in 1912,repparttar 146193 value ofrepparttar 146194 dollar has fallen by 95 percent. In other words $50,000 in 1912 would berepparttar 146195 equivalent of a million dollars today. Is there anything you can think of that makesrepparttar 146196 post-war house in Los Angeles that sold in 1950 for $5,000 worth a half million today, or

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