Everything Passes... Are you prepared for the Challenge?

Written by Chuck Crawley

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I had just lost my gold mine. I was betting on them failing at trying to develop a software program that they had no expertise. Had I maderepparttar right decision? Now I'm being beat up byrepparttar 117991 wave of discouragement and stress. And man was it stressful! I struggled forrepparttar 117992 next 18 months trying to reload and restructure my business.

Just when I had finally turned my business back around again, I got news from one of my customers thatrepparttar 117993 Software Company that had taken away my gold mine went out of business. Hallelujah I thought. Not only did I get my foot back inrepparttar 117994 door with my original customer base, but I also picked up a ton of customers fromrepparttar 117995 Software Company that went out of business. Again, I'm ridingrepparttar 117996 High wave of success and satisfaction.

Are you prepared forrepparttar 117997 challenge?

Everything Passes…

All you have to do as an entrepreneur is to realize that you must always look beyond your present situation. Whether you're ridingrepparttar 117998 High wave of success and satisfaction or being beat up byrepparttar 117999 waves of discouragement and stress, it all will pass.

Your job is to weatherrepparttar 118000 storm.

Chuck Crawley C&L Enterprises P.O. Box 1301 Yorktown Va 23692 mailto:editor@unionez.net

It's Not Easy

Written by Jude Wright

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What was I doing wrong? I followedrepparttar advice for classified ad headlines, and how to "step into your readers' shoes." Those shoes don't fit! Think I should try a bigger pair?

So now I'm paying for classified ads, ezine ads and e-books to give me that "magic" formula. Guess what? There is no "magic!"

What does work? Perseverance. After a year I'm finally making a few bucks. The longer I work, andrepparttar 117990 harder I work,repparttar 117991 more bucks I get. I'm finally making progress! Hurrah!

Instead of trying to promote every one ofrepparttar 117992 affiliate programs that catches my eye, I do a bit of research. I choose those that haverepparttar 117993 best fit - for me. Then, I advertise those select few!

No more running in twenty different directions trying to advertise fifteen or twenty programs! You can email me for a *very* short list ofrepparttar 117994 ones I think are worthrepparttar 117995 work!

The moral of this story? There are no "get rich quick" programs. There is no "easy" way to wealth. There's only good, old-fashioned, get down torepparttar 117996 nitty gritty WORK!

At this point I'm still working hard, and smarter... but I'm not crying anymore!

Jude Wright, Internet Newbie You can reach me at jcwright91709@aol.com

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