Everything's All Right in the Middle East

Written by Robert Levin

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Onrepparttar other hand,repparttar 125973 Arabs afford Israelis an opportunity to continually certify their biblically bestowed "chosen" status—and to assure themselves ofrepparttar 125974 post-corporeal rewards implicit inrepparttar 125975 anointment—by constantly threatening, but never accomplishing, Israel's destruction. Persistently testing Israel's exalted designation, but never disproving it, enabling Israel to be embattled and remain intact,repparttar 125976 Arabs are every bitrepparttar 125977 blessing to Israel that Israel is torepparttar 125978 Arabs. It follows thatrepparttar 125979 violence each side visits onrepparttar 125980 other must be measured; balances and proportions need to be kept. For one side to win, after all, would be for both sides to lose; would, that is, endrepparttar 125981 game and return both sides to a contemplation ofrepparttar 125982 void. We might call this aiding and abetting of one another's immortality illusions—the cooperation andrepparttar 125983 accommodations it requires--the deeper definition ofrepparttar 125984 "social contract." So we can engage ad infinitum inrepparttar 125985 most earnest discussions about anti-Semitism, about Hamas, about Sharon, about territory and occupation, and forever missrepparttar 125986 real dynamic ofrepparttar 125987 situation. The Arab-Israeli problem is, again, a solution to a more pressing problem, to what is, literally as well as figuratively,repparttar 125988 mother of all problems. And what accounts forrepparttar 125989 tenaciousness ofrepparttar 125990 conflict isrepparttar 125991 ongoing success it's enjoying inrepparttar 125992 service of its underlying agenda. As long as this holds true, Arabs and Israelis will, for allrepparttar 125993 anguish it induces, remain at odds becauserepparttar 125994 enmity between them is their buffer againstrepparttar 125995 spectre of oblivion. The pain we are witnessing is a palliative. These are notrepparttar 125996 worst of times inrepparttar 125997 Middle East.

Former contributor to The Village Voice and Rolling Stone. Coauthor and coeditor, respectively, of two collections of essays about jazz and rock in the '60s: "Music & Politics" and "Giants of Black Music."

The Purpose of War

Written by Louise Sutherland

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salvation to so many individuals. One problem that most people have is thatif they don'trepparttar true purpose of a thing they will abuse it and I believe that is what is happening to our beliefs in war. At one point it was an honor to serve your country and you were respected and rewarded for doing so. My haverepparttar 125972 times changed. Many of our service men and women enlist forrepparttar 125973 wrong reasons not forrepparttar 125974 true purpose but for self purpose. The civilians at home have no idea whatrepparttar 125975 purpose for war is because they can't see beyond death. Death is something that we all must face one day and it really does not matter how we reach it because it is inevitable. The conclusion to this all is that it really does not matter whatrepparttar 125976 purpose for war is because war will continue as long as we live and breath in this present world andrepparttar 125977 only peace that we will ever know is when we leave and enterrepparttar 125978 next one.

My name is Louise Sutherland. I am a 46-year-old freelance writer who love to read children's books. I am now working on getting my first children's book published. My love for writing started as a young child when I would write pretend stories to read to my friends. I have been married to a wonderful man for four years and I have three beautiful daughters ages 30. 26, and 19. My goal in life is to write uplifting and postive literature for people who enjoy reading.

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