Everyone Wins With Reciprocal Link Exchange

Written by Sonya Gray

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The goal is to link to as many content-rich, relevant sites as possible. The higherrepparttar search engine ranking of your site,repparttar 119371 more likely Internet surfers, i.e., possible customers will check out your site, bringing with them repeat traffic and repeat sales.

When sites trade links, they both benefit by:

*Sharing a percentage of traffic directly.

*Getting noticed more favorably byrepparttar 119372 search engines.

Some link exchanges can send hundreds of visitors per day to your site, while others might send one or two a week. The latter is far more common, but even those are worthwhile as long as they are from content-rich, relevant sites.


More and more search engines are considering "link popularity" as a factor when they decide to rank pages in their search results.

In other words, ifrepparttar 119373 search engines notice other quality sites linking to one of your pages, they will "like" that page better, all else being equal.

The presumption is that a link pointing to your page is like a vote of confidence in that page. More links equals more confidence. Even a few links can make a worthwhile difference in how well a page is ranked.

I have foundrepparttar 119374 benefits are enormous. Consistent use of Reciprocal Link Exchange as a marketing strategy is highly recommended for driving more traffic to your website.

If done correctly, everyone wins with Reciprocal Link Exchange.

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Making Reciprocal links Work For You

Written by Rob Wiley

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You get a reciprocal link.

You get new content.

You get to promote your product on a new page.

Your reciprocator gets a new page that promotes their product.

This is just one idea and brief in explanation at that. If you don't quite get it let me know and I will try to explain in a different manner.

If you are a new media professional such as a web designer or graphic artist you can test this idea at NADmedia.net. You can submit your content by providing a link back to NADmedia.net. just visitrepparttar site for details. NADmedia.net gets indexed on a daily basis from Google so your 5 minutes will be well worthrepparttar 119370 time spent onrepparttar 119371 process of reciprocating.

Happy website promoting to you!

Rob Wiley has spent the last 14 years serving the media industry in fields involving graphic design, marketing, website design and development. His experience has been shared with numerous businesses that have profited from his advice and skills.

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