Everyday is a Gift, Open and Enjoy It.

Written by Barbara White

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Afterrepparttar funeral, Ruth began to evaluate her life from a different perspective. She began to see life as something to be enjoyed not endured. Ruth started to make changes, although small at first, for Ruth they had great significance. She sat inrepparttar 148052 garden more and didn’t worry aboutrepparttar 148053 weeds. She wore expensive perfume on ordinary days, after all co workers and cashiers have noses that function just as well as party goers! She lit that candle that had been sitting as a centre piece onrepparttar 148054 dining room table collecting dust. She got that cracked window fixed, that she’d been meaning to do for years. She invited those friends round for dinner that she’d seen atrepparttar 148055 last sixteen weddings, and said we must get together. Ruth determined that she would live each day as if it was her last. Now every morning when Ruth opens her eyes, she tells herself that this day is special. Every day, every breath, every minute of her life is truly a gift from God. Your life perspective changes when you start living each day as if it was your last. You start to look at allrepparttar 148056 things that you want to accomplish in life and actually get started!! You stop watching everyone else doing it. Haverepparttar 148057 courage to start thinking “It’s my turn now” and do what is in your heart. Grandma Moses began a painting career at age seventy six. Golda Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel in 1969 at age seventy one. I recently met a lady in her eighties who, inrepparttar 148058 last two years, had been white-water rafting, and hiking inrepparttar 148059 Himalayas. She was excitedly planning her next trip! Don’t wait years, or until something traumatic happens to get your attention. Start now to reflect on your life’s perspective and begin living without regrets.

I love this quote by Peter Sage, speaker and entrepreneur :

Life is not a journey torepparttar 148060 grave withrepparttar 148061 intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "Wow - What a Ride!"

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Our God of More than Enough

Written by Daniel N Brown

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If you know that God loves you, cares for you, and wants to bless you, doesn't it make sense that you should believe Him for His best in your life?

Release your faith and believe Him for great things, for He is more than able and more than willing to give yourepparttar desires of your heart. Proverbs 10:24 says, "The desire ofrepparttar 147966 righteous shall be granted."

If He will give usrepparttar 147967 desires of our hearts, don't you think He will go over and beyond our basic needs?

I loverepparttar 147968 story aboutrepparttar 147969 five loaves and two fish. A multitude of people followed Jesus uprepparttar 147970 mountain to hear Him preach and He knew they were hungry. Andrew searched around for some food and found a boy with some bread and two fish. Jesus blessed it, gave it torepparttar 147971 disciples to distribute, and then it began to multiply! After all 5,000 people ate there were twelve basket fulls left over!

He's our God of more than enough.

Daniel N. Brown is an entrepreneur, health and fitness advisor, and teacher of biblical success principles. Get his FREE report, "How to Receive from God" when you sign up for his FREE weekly newsletter. www.SecretPlaceOnline.com

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