Everyday Tools for Extraordinary Success

Written by Philip E. Humbert

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3. An alarm clock. Benjamin Franklin observed that "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (or woman) healthy, wealthy and wise". It's still true! I live and work with wealthy people, and when I walk my dog after 10:00 p.m., there are no lights on. But when we walk about 6:00 inrepparttar morning, everyone is up, andrepparttar 102114 cars are already heading forrepparttar 102115 office. Buy and use an alarm clock! Start early, work hard.

4. A list. Highly successful people plan their day. They make a list of their most important priorities. They chooserepparttar 102116 things that will make a major, long-term, difference, and they focus on them all day long. Last thing inrepparttar 102117 evening, or first thing inrepparttar 102118 morning, create a list and work from it during your day.

5. A compass. My most successful clients always have a symbol or a map, a picture or poster of their most important goals and they use it to guide them duringrepparttar 102119 day. They stay on course. If they get lost, they re- assess and get back on-track immediately. Have a "compass" that reminds you of your dreams, your goals, and your most daring desires. Stay on course!

There are no "secrets" of succes, but there are tools that make success and achievement much more likely. Userepparttar 102120 tools of highly successful people, and watch your own accomplishments soar!

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Written by Craig Lock

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'If one advances confidently inrepparttar direction of his dreams and endeavours to liverepparttar 102113 life which he* has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected.' (Sorry ladies!) * * Only joking - you can have dreams too and achieve them even better than us "mere males" (and please don't beat up " Mr un- PC" Thoreau for neglecting you).

'Be true to your ideals, no matter what may happen now. Then things will take a turn andrepparttar 102114 very things you wanted to happen will happen.' - anon

That one has just inspired me as I write this. *


Set realistic, yet achievable goals. Ones that stretch you... because we are all different, what is achievable for one person might not be so easy for another. Also, because we are all unique creations with different hopes, desires, aspirations and dreams, what goal is important to you may be totally inappropriate for another individual's life direction. I believe setting goals is vitally important in achieving what we want out of life ...and setting even small daily goals are a great help in a daily action plan to move your life forward. I find it very satisfying ticking off even small routine tasks, like paying bills (well that is a big goal for a "starving" writer!). These small immediate goals are stepping stones to our bigger goals " downrepparttar 102115 track".

WRITE THEM DOWN, because putting them down on paper makes for more COMMITMENT. It focuses your thinking on what you want to achieve, like a magnifying-glass (that's called a simile, byrepparttar 102116 way!). Doing this chrystallises (nice big word) our hopes, aspirations and dreams. They keep us on track towards our medium-term and long-term goals -repparttar 102117 "grand plan or vision" for our lives.This is most important... Re-evaluate your progress from time to time. Doing this keeps you on track to see how you are progressing towardsrepparttar 102118 "big picture". I find it extremely satisfying looking back and ticking offrepparttar 102119 goals I have achieved. ( Of course , I don't achieve all of them, but am working hard on that.)

It can be very encouraging seeing how far you have come , when you look back at your first "teeny-weeny" goals and doing this is a great motivater to me. Goals arerepparttar 102120 first step in a positive plan of action. And always remember, every great journey downrepparttar 102121 "river of life" starts with one small first step.



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