Every Problem Is An Opportunity To Cash In On

Written by John Colanzi

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2. I had a chance to recognizerepparttar new direction of online marketing. Marketers have taken a major leap in combining residual income with viral marketing.

They've takenrepparttar 124081 best aspects of network marketing and eliminatedrepparttar 124082 need for building a downline. Residuals are built in, but you still have direct profits on every sale.

3. I've had time to evaluate my marketing and eliminate what doesn't work. I can now zero in on what works and quit wasting time on what doesn't.

I could go on for days listing what I've learned inrepparttar 124083 last few weeks and it wouldn't have been possible, if I wasn't forced to step back and look at my efforts with a new set of eyes.

Savvy internet marketers are taking their efforts torepparttar 124084 next level and it would have taken me months to catch on to this new trend, if I were busy working my business.

So it's true "Every problem is an opportunity to cash in on."

Thank God for my problems. Without them, I wouldn't have noticedrepparttar 124085 new wave in marketing. The two weeks of studying have proven to be my best investment yet.

I'm looking at my business through new eyes and I'm "Ready to catchrepparttar 124086 wave."

Wishing You Success

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Dream the Impossible Dream

Written by Judi Singleton

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I find that getting away fromrepparttar computer and writing down my goals helps me. I personally have to sort through wants and desires, and values to define where I want to be. This step can't be vague. One has to be like that little child at Christmas that knows what she wants, that doll, that bike. Often when I am meditating on goals I try and recapture that feeling of childhood where I could feel myself playing with that pretty doll, brushing her hair, or riding that bike, wind in my hair. Wanting this one thing more than anything, thinking I would die without it. This isrepparttar 124080 kind of feeling you have to have for what you want before you write your goal.

Thenrepparttar 124081 next step is to weed outrepparttar 124082 wants, desires, brought on by what others say you should want and by family programming of what you should be doing. Well-meaning friends and family often make suggestions. But this is your goal and you need to draw upon your unique dream to pull out this goal. This is a process that can take weeks to or months achieve, but don't get discouraged that things are not moving fast enough. This is a really important step because this isrepparttar 124083 basis of your map of getting what you want in life.

One ofrepparttar 124084 common pitfalls at this stage is to be in a all or nothing frame of mind. I want all of this now not later! It is important to set goals that are medium term and easily recognizable so one can say to themselves, "Yes, I am on my way because I have accomplished this goal. Now on torepparttar 124085 next one."

Another pitfall might be to set goals that disrupt everything else in your life. So look at this carefully. What would you do if you had no obstacles to doing anything you want in life. Believe in yourself you can do it. Don't be a perfectionist if everything doesn't go just as you plan and give up. This all or nothing kind of thinking has no room in this plan. You are developing a plan that is uniquely yours, that will make you desire having it just as you did that Christmas doll. Also, choose who you share your goal with carefully as it is fragile, not yet manifested and of this world, and can easily be smashed. There is a time to share with others, but not yet. Solidify it on paper; this brings it as a real thing intorepparttar 124086 real world.

So now inrepparttar 124087 next few weeks or months you will know where you are going and why you are going there. You no longer are lost inrepparttar 124088 forest. You soon will be able to draw a clear map. Next week I will write onrepparttar 124089 clear map. How not to buy a ticket to Seattle when it is San Francisco you long for.

Remember dreamrepparttar 124090 impossible dream.

Judi Singleton is the webmistress of Jassmine.com and Gotojassminesitenow.com and the owner of Jassmine's Journal http://www.gotojassminesitenow.com/journal. She was a counselor for 20 years. You can receive her inspirational newsletter Jassmine's Journal by sending an email to today jassminejournal-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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