Every Baby Shower Needs Great Baby Shower Games!

Written by Randy Wilson

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Itís best to rewardrepparttar winners with small prizes. Your prizes donít need to be expensive. Some good choices would be a fancy bar of soap, candles, manicure set, picture frame, decorative notepaper, cookie cutters etc.

When planningrepparttar 143833 number of games to include,repparttar 143834 general rule of thumb is to have three games planned for a two-hour baby shower. This leaves plenty of time for baby shower gifts, serving a meal or appetizers, getting to know each other and sharing time withrepparttar 143835 expectant mother.

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Moissanite Earrings, The Modern Brazilian Beetle.

Written by Peter Crump

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Earrings took a back seat for quite some time, but re-emerged unscathed aroundrepparttar sixteenth century. Atrepparttar 143821 time womenís hairstyles crept up exposingrepparttar 143822 ears again and byrepparttar 143823 seventeenth century earrings were back in fashion.

Earrings then were often long and heavy and extended use resulted in women suffering permanently stretched ear lobes. This can be clearly seen in pictures of Queen Victoria, a dedicated earring wearer. Perhaps she had a lot to do withrepparttar 143824 fashion ofrepparttar 143825 time.

Earring fashions varied with hairstyles. Whenrepparttar 143826 hair was worn onrepparttar 143827 top ofrepparttar 143828 headrepparttar 143829 ears were prominently displayed and so earrings were essential, however from time to timerepparttar 143830 hairstyles favoured coveringrepparttar 143831 ears, and earrings went back out of fashion.

All sorts of exotic earring materials were used including inrepparttar 143832 late 1800s, of all things, Brazilian beetles for their attractive green color.

Back then it was Brazilian beetles, now itís moissanite. Usingrepparttar 143833 newest ofrepparttar 143834 modern earring materials, moissanite earrings are takingrepparttar 143835 earring world by storm. Why? Simply because moissanite earrings look as good as diamond earrings but withoutrepparttar 143836 price tag.

Moissanite earrings feature moissanite stones, a modern alternative to diamonds which offer allrepparttar 143837 qualities of diamonds but at a fraction ofrepparttar 143838 cost.

Whether itís simple round cut moissanite stones set into white or yellow gold to produce stunning moissanite stud earrings, three stone moissanite earrings in gold or solitaire moissanite earrings with lever back settings, any would complementrepparttar 143839 ear ofrepparttar 143840 modern woman.

Moissanite earrings,repparttar 143841 modern Brazilian beetle!

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