Ever been to Romania?

Written by Anca Echim

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If you haven’t traveled to Romania so far, then www.spirit.ro will offer you a free test-drive of what Romania’s got to offer as a travel destination. You’ll haverepparttar opportunity to meet fellow travelers from all overrepparttar 140596 world, to express your doubts and ask for advices, to read catchy stories and travel logs and to waste lots of time watching alluring images signed by travelers like you.

And finally, if you haven’t traveled to Romania so far, nor you plan to do it inrepparttar 140597 near future, no problem, there’s room for you too. "The Spirit of Romania" will provide you with probably one ofrepparttar 140598 best ways to get rid ofrepparttar 140599 everyday boredom, to spend (or waste, as you wish) some quality time and will definitely makerepparttar 140600 traveler in you scream for freedom.

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Old Fashion Romantic Adventure on Santa Catalina Island

Written by Carolyn Proctor

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A sign nearrepparttar check-in window reads, “NOTICE TO PASSENGERS - Road torepparttar 140530 interior is unpaved, steep, winding, narrow, bumpy & dusty (as well as scenic).” The big advantage torepparttar 140531 Unimog is that it can go on roads inrepparttar 140532 interior where big tour buses can’t.

The open-air Mercedes Unimog takes 12 passengers on a tour ofrepparttar 140533 mountainous interior of Catalina Island.

“Part ofrepparttar 140534 Canyon Road is still washed out fromrepparttar 140535 rains,” Dave announces. “We’ll do The Loop instead—my favorite road, actually.”

As we leaverepparttar 140536 plaza, Dave fills us in on some island history and trivia: Discovery Tours isrepparttar 140537 oldest tour company onrepparttar 140538 island, dating from 1894 when people traveled by horse-drawn wagon. The City of Avalon covers one square mile and is part of Los Angeles county. There are no home deliveries of mail; everyone has a P.O. box. Catalina Island gets 10 to 15 thousand visitors a day (summer). Six diesel generators provide island electricity. In 1921 Wrigley installedrepparttar 140539 first one. The Santa Catalina Island Conservancy owns a 42,000-acre private reserve, representing 88% ofrepparttar 140540 island.

Narrow winding roads lined with eucalyptus trees snake around steep hillsides. My husband says, “This is a one-gear road.”

Dave looks up to where a hawk glides inrepparttar 140541 sky. “We’ll climb several hundred feet. Inrepparttar 140542 old daysrepparttar 140543 stagecoach took 2 ½ hours to get torepparttar 140544 top.” He saysrepparttar 140545 first interior tour “was a day and a half trip to Two Harbors by stagecoach.”

We reach Middle Ranch Canyon andrepparttar 140546 ground slopes gently, covered with grasses and wildflowers in bloom. We’re approaching an American Bald Eagle habitat when we spotrepparttar 140547 big beasts in a nearby field—buffalo? No. Dave educates us that these are North American bison (bison bison). “To say ‘buffalo’ is to confuse them withrepparttar 140548 Cape or African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer).”

Fourteen head of American bison were brought to Catalina Island by a film company in 1924 for a movie version of The Vanishing American by western author Zane Grey. (Grey lived and wrote many of his books on Catalina Island.) Afterrepparttar 140549 film wrapped,repparttar 140550 bison were left behind. They did what any animal left to roam a nice place with food and water would do—they multiplied. Whilerepparttar 140551 Conservancy has determinedrepparttar 140552 island can support up to 300 head, about 120 are kept onrepparttar 140553 island today.

“How do you tell ifrepparttar 140554 bull will charge?” Dave asks.

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Carolyn Proctor, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Read Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com

Carolyn Proctor, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Join the Travel Writers Network in the logo at www.jetsettersmagazine.com

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