Evaluating Job Offers -- Eleven Warning Signs You Must Watch Out For

Written by Ann Wilson

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7. They told you a story aboutrepparttar company or about your career prospects that sounded too good to be true. When something sounds that way, it usually is.

8. The company is a small business that is not very profitable and does not seem to have access to strong funding sources. Itís very easy for small businesses to go bankrupt if theyíre mismanaged to any degree.

9. The position you are being offered has high turnover. This is usually a bad sign.

10. The interviewers keep saying that they want you to hitrepparttar 137652 ground running from day one. This may imply that they donít haverepparttar 137653 means to provide enough support for your role. This could be a problem particularly if youíre used to working for large organizations that do provide lots of support.

11. The whole interviewing process was done in a big hurry or in a disorganized manner, leaving you in doubt whether they really had a chance to know you.

The presence of a warning sign fromrepparttar 137654 list above does not necessarily mean you have to write off that organization as an employer. It does mean that you must get all additional information you need.

Perhaps you could get an opinion from a trusted friend who is familiar withrepparttar 137655 industry and company. You need to do some serious thinking before you make a decision either way.

Ann Wilson is a successful business author who writes extensively on jobs and careers. Her articles include best interview tips, how to write effective thank you notes and many others offering cutting-edge advice on interviewing.

"The Power to Succeed."

Written by Neil Millar

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The problem is we got ďConditioned LogicĒ Ė ďlogicĒ transferred to us by society: friends, family, schools, college,repparttar media, religion etc. We took it all on and felt we had to behave in a ďconditionedĒ way. The repetition of that conditioning is fine for a while, but when we end up doing something we donít love, each time we do it takes a little ofrepparttar 137614 soul away. Let me put it another way.

What gives yourepparttar 137615 power to succeed is what you perceive to be logic. Real power is not necessarily doing what society dictates. Real power is often something else. It is that knowing that comes from nowhere to tell you, you must do something different.

It might seem logical to haverepparttar 137616 house,repparttar 137617 car,repparttar 137618 private education,repparttar 137619 holiday, but is it powerful. What is powerful is, to say I am not happy and things must change; Iím not killing myself for forty-eight weeks just for four weeks of pleasure; Iím not excited by my work and Iím willing to live in a smaller home if it means I can have more peace, less stress and fall back in love with my partner.

Itís not all aboutrepparttar 137620 stuff, is it? Itís about happiness and love; happiness and love of your partner; happiness and love of your children and family; happiness and love of your work. If you have that then you have it all.

Now thatísrepparttar 137621 power to succeed!

Does your current way of living support that?

Best wishes


Inspiration and thoughts that are often mind-bending can be found at Neil Millarís website www.neilmillar.net you can also sign-up to his Life Purpose newsletter with Unstoppable Life and obtain a copy of one of his books FR>EE.

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