Esther's Zeal & The Feast of Purim

Written by Angelique Watkins

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The opening book chapter ofrepparttar book of Esther tells of a 180 day feast given by Xerxes inrepparttar 126979 third year of his reign. The banquets was a time to decide concerning an invasion of Greece. Betweenrepparttar 126980 third year of Xerxes, when Queen Vashti was deposed, and his seventh year (Esther 2:16), when Esther was made queen, Xerxes campaign against Greece took place, ending in dismal failure.

The royal favorite was Haman, called thought to mean that he was of Amalekite descent and hence one ofrepparttar 126981 hereditary obeisance. Haman was wroth and determined to get revenge by bringing about a massacre of allrepparttar 126982 Jews throughoutrepparttar 126983 Persian Empire.

It was then that Mordecai, warned Esther ofrepparttar 126984 terrible proposed destruction and urged her to intercede withrepparttar 126985 king in her people's behalf. Mordecai suggested that Esther elevation torepparttar 126986 position of queen might be a part of a divine plan to saverepparttar 126987 Jews from death. There was prayer and fasting. Then Esther risked her life and went in beforerepparttar 126988 king.

The king held out to Esther his scepter, and asked her what was her request. Esther invitedrepparttar 126989 king and Haman to a banquet and then to a second banquet. Haman was highly elated, but Mordecai was honored instead of being hanged onrepparttar 126990 gallows prepared for him. The plot of Haman to destroyrepparttar 126991 Jews was revealed.

The 14th day of Adar,repparttar 126992 first day on whichrepparttar 126993 feast of Purim is celebrated, is called inrepparttar 126994 apocryphal book of 2 Maccabees "Mordecai's day," which shows plainly that Purim was observed late inrepparttar 126995 period betweenrepparttar 126996 Old and New Testament (2 Macc 15:36).

The 13th day has been observed by fasting in honor of Esther's prayer and fasting before she approachedrepparttar 126997 king. Onrepparttar 126998 following morning ofrepparttar 126999 14th, synagogue services are held, withrepparttar 127000 reading of Esther (Exodus 17:8-16) which recordsrepparttar 127001 destruction ofrepparttar 127002 Amalekites (Esther 3:1). Presents are given torepparttar 127003 poor and to friends, andrepparttar 127004 rest ofrepparttar 127005 day, as alsorepparttar 127006 15th, is observed with feasting and rejoicing.

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Shirley Caesar An Autobiography: Book Review

Written by Angelique Watkins

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The Gospel of Luke according to The Holy Bible included much emphasis on women. The w-o-m-a-n and w-o-m-e-n occur thirty times in Luke and in Matthew and Mark occure twenty-five times.

If you visit Matthew 1:3, 5 you will see an inclusion of women; my understanding is that Jesus isrepparttar all wise Saviour and He is available for men, women and all.

When C. H. Spurgeon said, "The proper study of a Christian isrepparttar 126978 Godhead. The highest science,repparttar 126979 loftiest speculation,repparttar 126980 mightiest philosophy, which can ever engagerepparttar 126981 attention of a child of God, isrepparttar 126982 name,repparttar 126983 nature,repparttar 126984 person,repparttar 126985 work,repparttar 126986 doings, andrepparttar 126987 existence ofrepparttar 126988 Great God."

Pray for all women, children worldwide...pray for ALL

Taking Care of The Father's Business First...Luke 15:1-7, Mark 2:1-3:6

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