Estelle's Gifts

Written by Timothy Davis

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at affordable low prices,. So take a moment to expose each gift,enjoy shopping at Estelle's Gifts. Our website address: or call 732-499-0259

Here's an home base company just getting started. Only been in business since 11/01 base in Rahway,NJ. In business to sale gifts for all occasion and holidays. Owners Timothy Davis is from Memphis,Tenn been here since 1973. Wife is from Hasensack,NJ.


Written by Peter Sharpe

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53 words and phrases to use in your salesletters and ads:

Just arrived, save, breakthrough, send no money, bonus, gift, free, bargain, now, improved, you, introducing, valuable, priority, unique, rush,repparttar truth about, miracle, easy, hurry, today, how to, at last, limited, opportunity, yes, charter, secrets, new, amazing, only chance, announcing, revolutionary, guaranteed, discount, first time ever, special, instantly, discover, forever, premium, sensational, remarkable, revolutionary, startling, miracle, offer, quick, easy, wanted, challenge, compare, bargain, hurry.

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