Establish Your Credibility For Better Public Relations

Written by Ana Ventura

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Character: Character is a little trickier, because it's based more on a values system than on how much you know about something. If you've researched your audience's demographics beforehand, you will have more of an idea what sort of issues they will or will not respond to. Even if you are presenting something that isrepparttar antithesis of everything they stand for, you can still find ways to word your arguments so that you will appear credible and non threatening.

Rapport: Ah, rapport. Common experiences and interests are what help us as humans relate to each other. If your audience knows you share similar feelings with them, they will be more likely to respond to your message in a positive way.

As a society,repparttar 102130 majority of individuals tend to hold a pretty similar system of values that you can use to help you build your own credibility. Social and community values seek to attain such ideals as peace, freedom, respect, family security, and living a comfortable life. Personal values forrepparttar 102131 individual show that most people wish to be ambitious, forgiving, responsible, and honest. By demonstrating that you stand for similar ideals as your audience, you help maintain a component of trust.

Once your audience has a built a foundation of trust and respect, your message will seep in a lot more easily than if you have little or no credibility. Keep in mind that you can't cruise through a presentation on credibility alone, but it will certainly help your case by leaps and bounds

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PUT ON A HAPPY FACE: Confidence is the Key!

Written by Alvin Apple

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A third way to create customer confidence is to simply "be there" for them. Here's a little story to illustrate my point: I used to be afraid to go into my grandparents' basement alone, but if I was with someone, I was fine. Having someone else with me reduced my nervousness.

You should try to be that person for your customers. By providing good customer service, keeping in touch with your clients, or providing community building services like newsletters or discussion boards, your customers will know that they are not alone in their purchase -- they have someone to turn to if they have concerns or questions. This is VERY reassuring.

Just remember that your customers are people -- which means that will get scared from time to time. What we have to do is remain calm and try our best to pass that feeling of calm along to our customers. If we can do that, then, in no time at all, we will all realize thatrepparttar problems weren't nearly as bad as they seemed.

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