Essentials of Network Marketing

Written by Sean Felker

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If youíre not comfortable with risking your money, you can join an established network company.

The downside of this is that you may have a harder time getting recruits because many people are already members.

Of course, you can choose not to build a downline and just sellrepparttar products, but youíll be alone in working. You only earn form what you sold. In network marketing, your downline will work with and for you.

You earn not only from what you sold but also from what your members sold.

Be reminded that in reality, recruiting people can be difficult inrepparttar 146816 first place, let alone keeping those already recruited interested enough to be active.

You must use all your salesman skills when joining a network marketing company.

If you want to try out network marketing, here are some tips to remember:

1.) As a member, you will get big discounts onrepparttar 146817 productsrepparttar 146818 company is selling. Join one whose products you can use and love.

2.) Choose a company that focuses onrepparttar 146819 quality of their products, not onrepparttar 146820 networking, which should be secondary.

3.) When choosing a sponsor, make sure that he is efficient. He should be able to answer your questions. He should also treat his immediate recruits as a team.

He should be a good motivator so you wonít get bored or frustrated

4.) Find out exactly where your money is going.

5.) Gather all information you can onrepparttar 146821 company youíve chosen.

If youíre looking for get-rich-quick schemes, forget about networking. This will entail work, both in selling and getting recruits.

There are also marketing scams which you have to watch out for. Some companies only want your initial investment. Others are focused on recruitment and not onrepparttar 146822 products.

Whenrepparttar 146823 products arenít good, no one will buy them, and as a consequence, you and your downline will not earn anything. Inrepparttar 146824 end, it still boils down to working forrepparttar 146825 money.

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MLM Training - Creating an Explosive Start with Your New MLM Distributor

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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10.Prospect List/Memory Jogger.

Make a list ofrepparttar first 10 peoplerepparttar 146707 new distributor will call. This is their HOT market.Then make a list ofrepparttar 146708 next 25 they will call. This isrepparttar 146709 start of their warm market list. That is a good number to start with, and it won't overwhelm them. Eventually, you will come up with at least with 150 names with them.

11.Introduce 3-way Calling.

Make sure they have 3 way calling on their phone. And then show them how to do a 3 way with you. They must learn to MASTERrepparttar 146710 3 way call to master Success in MLM.

l2.Schedule First 3 PBRís.

In Home Meetings are a great way to launch a new business. A PBR is a Private Business Reception. Plan on invitingrepparttar 146711 new person's warm market to an In Home Celebration of their new business, and hold 3 of them withinrepparttar 146712 next 45 days. Send out invitations ofrepparttar 146713 first PBR 72 hours after this meeting.

13.Schedule to Attend next 3 Local Events.

When arerepparttar 146714 next local training and special events? Schedule them to be there to learn, and also to bring friends to these events.

14. Goals and Dreams.

What arerepparttar 146715 first 7 day goals? What arerepparttar 146716 first 30 day goals? How many sales will be achieved? How many new distributors will be recruited? What volume isrepparttar 146717 target? How many hours a week willrepparttar 146718 new person work and wehn are they? And complete their "Golden Dozen List." This is a list ofrepparttar 146719 12 things thatrepparttar 146720 new person wants their new business to bring into their life that is not currently there. Is it a new home? A new car? Write downrepparttar 146721 "WHY" that they are doing Network Marketing, and what they want Network Marketing to change in their life.

15. What things will discouragerepparttar 146722 new distributor enough to make them want to leaverepparttar 146723 business? (THIS ONE IS IMPERATIVE TO COVER!)

Find these out, as you need to know this so you can helprepparttar 146724 new distributor get through them if they should show up. These arerepparttar 146725 "Success Landmines" that you need to locate and leadrepparttar 146726 new distributor around.

These arerepparttar 146727 things you initially need to getrepparttar 146728 new distributor off to an Explosive start. List them in a checklist to make sure you cover them. Encourage constantlyrepparttar 146729 new distributor, and pour into them at this meeting your confidence in them. Create an EXPLOSIVE start by following these steps to Massive Success in MLM and Network Marketing.


Schedulerepparttar 146730 first 10 warm market phone calls with them. Put down in your planner when this will take place, and then plan on startingrepparttar 146731 phone call session with them. Preferrably this takes place within 24 hours ofrepparttar 146732 Kick Off Meeting.


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