Essentials of Network Marketing

Written by Sean Felker

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If youíre not comfortable with risking your money, you can join an established network company.

The downside of this is that you may have a harder time getting recruits because many people are already members.

Of course, you can choose not to build a downline and just sellrepparttar products, but youíll be alone in working. You only earn form what you sold.

In network marketing, your downline will work with and for you. You earn not only from what you sold but also from what your members sold.

Be reminded that in reality, recruiting people can be difficult inrepparttar 146808 first place, let alone keeping those already recruited interested enough to be active. You must use all your salesman skills when joining a network marketing company.

If you want to try out network marketing, here are some tips to remember:

1.) As a member, you will get big discounts onrepparttar 146809 productsrepparttar 146810 company is selling. Join one whose products you can use and love.

2.) Choose a company that focuses onrepparttar 146811 quality of their products, not onrepparttar 146812 networking, which should be secondary.

3.) When choosing a sponsor, make sure that he is efficient. He should be able to answer your questions. He should also treat his immediate recruits as a team. He should be a good motivator so you wonít get bored or frustrated

4.) Find out exactly where your money is going.

5.) Gather all information you can onrepparttar 146813 company youíve chosen.

If youíre looking for get-rich-quick schemes, forget about networking. This will entail work, both in selling and getting recruits.

There are also marketing scams which you have to watch out for. Some companies only want your initial investment. Others are focused on recruitment and not onrepparttar 146814 products.

Whenrepparttar 146815 products arenít good, no one will buy them, and as a consequence, you and your downline will not earn anything. Inrepparttar 146816 end, it still boils down to working forrepparttar 146817 money.

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Google's Secret Guidelines On Thin Affiliates

Written by Allan Gardyne

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To Google, affiliate links such as, and - onrepparttar page or in redirects - "strongly suggest" thatrepparttar 146621 site is a thin affiliate.

Are you using an affiliate datafeed? To Google, that's another warning sign.

However, if you offer a comparison of prices between different online merchants, you're OK, you're not a thin affiliate.

Google provides an incredibly tough guideline, which hundreds of thousands of affiliate sites fail to meet.

Google says:

"Do not call a page affiliate spam when an affiliation is only incidental torepparttar 146622 message and purpose of a website. To determine whether participation in affiliate programs is central or incidental torepparttar 146623 site's existence, ask yourself this question: Would this site remain a coherent whole ifrepparttar 146624 pages leading torepparttar 146625 affiliate (merchant) were taken away?"

That probably counts out most affiliate sites.

In summary, if you want to be friends with Google, make sure you provide extra value or content.

I've quoted only parts ofrepparttar 146626 report. Any serious affiliate will want to studyrepparttar 146627 whole thing carefully.

You can readrepparttar 146628 full report on Henk's blog here...

Note: A Google employee broke a non-disclosure agreement by revealing this report. I don't know how long it will stay online. You may want to do what I did - save a copy of it on your hard drive.

Now we know what Google really thinks of affiliates. You've been warned.


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