Essential Tips for Writing Your Own Will

Written by Amy Nichols

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And here is another essential tip for writing your own will. You have to name an executor of your will. An executor or executrix asrepparttar case may be is in charge of carrying out your final wishes. In this section, you should describe any special instructions you wishrepparttar 148701 executor to carry out. The executor is also in charge of tying up all of your financial matters. This is an important role and you should only entrust it to someone that is capable of handlingrepparttar 148702 responsibility, understands your wishes intimately and is willing to carry them out.

Next up, you should namerepparttar 148703 individuals that will receive portions of your estate. These are called gift requests. If you wish to leave your stamp collection with your son, or guitar to a sibling, you should describe it in this section ofrepparttar 148704 will. After all of your belongings are assigned to people, you should then name who receivesrepparttar 148705 rest of your estate.

Finally,repparttar 148706 will must be signed in front of two witnesses. These two witnesses cannot be included inrepparttar 148707 will and must be of legal age. Oncerepparttar 148708 will is completely prepared, bring it to your attorney for final approval and binding legal status.

There you have it. Itís not a subject we like to think about, but it is necessary in order to live withrepparttar 148709 peace of mind of knowing your loved ones will always be taken care of uponrepparttar 148710 unfortunate event of your death.

Amy Nichols is a freelance writer and contributing author to, a site providing free estate planning tips and information.

Understanding Structured Settlements and their Advantages

Written by Josh Murray

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In contrast torepparttar interest thatís acquired through CDs or Municipal Bonds, monies that are accrued through a structured settlement are not factored intorepparttar 148700 calculation of Social Security benefits. That translates into a greater monthly benefit for those who are collecting payments throughrepparttar 148701 Social Security Department, which can make a huge different to those who are on such a fixed income.

Depending uponrepparttar 148702 level of disability, structure settlements can be set up to last forrepparttar 148703 lifetime ofrepparttar 148704 recipient. These payments are guaranteed and can be customized to be made on specific dates or increased on a yearly basis in order to offsetrepparttar 148705 cost of living, as well as factoring in any other special needs that may become apparent.

For those who suffer from credit problems or lose assets asrepparttar 148706 result of a divorce,repparttar 148707 monies that are siphoned through a structured settlement cannot be considered as part ofrepparttar 148708 financial scenario ofrepparttar 148709 individual. Creditors are not allowed to claim any portion ofrepparttar 148710 funds, and a structured settlement is not considered common property.

In addition to these, there are a number of other benefits that are intrinsic to a structured settlement, only some of which are geared towardrepparttar 148711 plaintiff. Benefits are also enjoyed byrepparttar 148712 attorneys and financial institutions that back such settlements. For further information, speak with your personal legal representative or consult one ofrepparttar 148713 major online search engines.

Josh Murray is a contributing writer to, a site that provides news and information on structured settlements.

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