Essential Equipment For Your Home Office

Written by BB Lee

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A Business Telephone System: If you want to successfully run your home based business. You must install a business telephone line along with an answering system. This will establish a professional image immediately. And you will not miss important calls when you are away. Plus, a line dedicated only to business calls is a good home business tax right off.

Cellular Telephone: A must have if you are onrepparttar move a lot. You can easily forward all your business calls to your cell telephone number. Never miss an important business call. Or if you stay online for long periods. You simply forward all calls, while online, to your cellular telephone number. Make sure your cell has caller Id, so you can answer onlyrepparttar 117394 calls you want. Very convenient.

Other Stuff: Take a trip to your local office supply store and purchase these basic essentials right away.

Paper (for printer & fax machine)

Printer cartridges

Computer mouse pad


Stapler/extra staples

Post-it note pads

Paper clips

Large legal pads



Storage boxes

Assorted rubber bands

That's it! After acquiringrepparttar 117395 above you will have allrepparttar 117396 basics to set up a home office.

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BB Lee is editor and publisher of SmallBizBits Newsletter.

Medical Billing As A Home-Based Business, Is It Really A Scam?

Written by Paul G. Hackett

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I do agree that this business is not as easy as some make it out to be but then again what business is?! Sure there are steps that you will have to take and you will have to be passionate about what you're doing to increaserepparttar chances of success. Again, that's true with any business!

So when you hear people saying that medical billing is a scam or you can't do it without years of prior experience just think to yourself "who are they to tell you what you can or can't accomplish especially since they don't know what you're capabilities are, what you're passionate about or what drives you". It's bad enough that we tend to hold ourselves to a limitation but it's even worse when we allow others to do it to us. Plus it's just not true anyway!

The medical billing scam artists that you may encounter are no different thanrepparttar 117393 majority of people onrepparttar 117394 web that tell you "if you buy into my product, program, website, safelist, downline or service you'll make thousands of dollars in no time".

So it's not medical billing that'srepparttar 117395 scam! It's peoples greed that allows them to take advantage of those that are tying to change their lives forrepparttar 117396 better.

The only way you can avoid being taken advantage of or failing at your prospective home based business is by educating yourself first, through researching whatever it is you are looking to get involved with and lastly by getting a mentor that's been in that field for a while to help guide you alongrepparttar 117397 way!

Paul G. Hackett is the owner of Stelo Medical Management, Stelo Enterprises and author of the ebook entitled "Medical Billing Book For Beginners 2002". His book is the beginner's first line of defense against the scams in the medical billing from home industry. Visit

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