Essential Buyer’s Guide for Overseas Real Estate

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

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5)If something seems too good to be true it warrants serious investigation! Occasionally we can find a bargain in life, occasionally lady luck smiles on us and our fortunes change – but if you always remain a little suspicious and bring on board as many experts as you need to in order to research a seeming bargain you will avoid making a costly mistake and you might just prove that it isn’t too good to be true, it’s a genuine opportunity.

6)Get contracts officially translated before you sign them.

7)Get any conditions ofrepparttar sale written into your contract.

8)If buying off plan insist you see previous examples ofrepparttar 151147 builder’s work and speak to customers who have already bought and find out about build quality, ongoing customer service throughoutrepparttar 151148 build period and also about after sales care andrepparttar 151149 guarantees you get withrepparttar 151150 property.

9)Make surerepparttar 151151 houses you’re viewing are built to withstand any climate or environmental hazards, for example if you’re in an earthquake prone country properties should be seismically reinforced.

10)And finally proceed with caution and don’t enter into anything that you wouldn’t entertain back home. Just because you’re in a different country it doesn’t mean you’ve become a different person, you’re intelligent, savvy and wise back home so don’t change!

Rhiannon Williamson is a freelance writer whose articles about buying investment property abroad have appeared in many investment and finance publications throughout the world. You can find more of her articles at:-

How To Find The Right Professional To Value Your Business

Written by David Coffman

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4. The Institute of Business Appraisers offers several designations includingrepparttar Certified Business Appraiser (CBA) that require passing an exam, and varying degrees of BV education and experience. Their online member directory can be accessed at

Just likerepparttar 151146 types of professionals, no one BV credential is inherently better thanrepparttar 151147 others. Having a BV designation is not a guarantee of competency, but it does demonstrate thatrepparttar 151148 professional has metrepparttar 151149 minimum requirements for that credential. Conversely,repparttar 151150 absence of one doesn’t prove incompetence. It does raiserepparttar 151151 question of whyrepparttar 151152 professional does not have one. Many BV professionals have multiple designations. That’s great, but one BV credential is enough.

Searchingrepparttar 151153 member directories of these organizations isrepparttar 151154 best way to find BV professionals near you. Business Valuations & Strategies maintains links to all four directories in one convenient location at BV Professional.htm.

Business Valuation Experience

The first question many business owners ask a BV professional is whether they ever valued a business like theirs. Although that is a good question, it missesrepparttar 151155 point. Regular and recent BV experience is much more important than specific industry experience. BV procedures are generallyrepparttar 151156 same regardless ofrepparttar 151157 industry or type of valuation. BV professionals are good at research and have many excellent resources to learnrepparttar 151158 ins and outs of most industries.

Ask to see samples of their business valuation reports. You may not understand some ofrepparttar 151159 real technical stuff, but you should be able to make sense of what was done and why. The valuation result or conclusion should also make sense to you. The best BV professionals inrepparttar 151160 world are worthless if they can’t write a report that can be understood by non-financial people.

Final Selection

Hopefully you have found more than one qualified BV professional to choose from. Each professional should be personally interviewed and questioned about fees and turnaround time. Afterrepparttar 151161 interview selectrepparttar 151162 most qualified professional that meetsrepparttar 151163 rest of your criteria. A checklist or scorecard that lists each important factor and rates each professional on every factor can help makerepparttar 151164 process less confusing and more logical.

Looking for a qualified professional to do a business valuation is not easy. If you take some time, do some research and approach it systematically, you will find a qualified professional that is right for you.

David E. Coffman is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) and a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). He authored the “Guide to Selecting the Right Professional to Value Your Business” to help small business owners through this process. The Guide is available at

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