Environ Energy

Written by Richard Anderson

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fuel to power it.Please visitrepparttar site you will be amazed!! www.environenergy.co.uk

A new invention that is going to change the world energy generation


Written by Mark Jeantheau

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Maybe you think serving up cow's blood to calves and rendered slaughterhouse waste to feedlot cattle are shady, fringe practices. But such feedings are standard inrepparttar beef industry, and completely within current regulations. The beef industry has aggressively tried to quell any discussion ofrepparttar 110117 issue, and they generally get full support fromrepparttar 110118 US Department of Agriculture andrepparttar 110119 Food and Drug Administration.

Though "recycling" of animal slaughter waste may seem somewhat appealing from a waste-disposal perspective,repparttar 110120 barbarity of these practices is enough to make one cringe. But there is an even worse problem with these methods. Inrepparttar 110121 next Eco-Logical, we'll talk about how Mad Cow Disease relates to these feeding practices, and we'll offer some suggestions for finding beef that is free of freakish feeds. Want more... See part II http://www.grinningplanet.com/2003/judge-is-nuts/environmental-issue-24.htm

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Mark is a writer, financial analyst, web developer, environmentalist, and, as necessary, chef and janitor. Grinning Planet is an expression of Mark's enthusiasm for all things humorous and green, as well as a psychotic desire to work himself half-to-death. Hobbies include health foods, music, getting frustrated over politics, and occasionally lecturing the TV set on how uncreative it is.

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