Entrepreneurial Business Plan The Down And Dirty Way

Written by Suzan Fiskin

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4. How will you market your business?

Study your competition. Whatís working for them? Model their success. Improve it. Think outsiderepparttar box. Where does your niche hang out? Will you network, place ads in local papers, or do some PR? How about using Google pay per clicks?

5. Why you?

Why will your potential customers go to you instead ofrepparttar 150976 competition? What makes you uniquely qualified to solve their problem(s)? Is there a specific solution you have that they donít? Can you be more cost effective and/or efficient? Is your service unparalleled? If you donít know why theyíd choose you, your market wonít know why either!

So there you have it - your Down and Dirty Business Planô. Feel free to revisit your answers and tweak them as you take in new information and experiences.

Take care of business and remember to have fun! Suz

Since 1992, Suzan Fiskin has loved being a Master Coach for ADD-ish entrepreneurs (and most entrepreneurs are ADD-ish!) as well as a motivational speaker. She served onrepparttar 150977 Boards ofrepparttar 150978 Forum of Women Entrepreneurs, Association of Women in Technology andrepparttar 150979 Professional Coaches and Mentors Association. She has a free online assessment, bi-weekly teleconference calls and a number of other resources for ADD-ish entrepreneurs on her website http://www.ADD-ish.com.

Iíve been coaching ADD-ish entrepreneurs since 1992. Iím a lifelong entrepreneur with a degree in communications from UCLA. I am Master Certified in NLP, a certified hypnotherapist and ADD to beat the band. I've spent many years building the skills & strategies to help those of us whose brains are wired differently. It's my life's work.

Dissension Down On The Cubicle Farm

Written by John J. Alquist

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4. And she says don't forget employers talking about "ethics, a detergent word used time and time again to cleanserepparttar conscience without scrubbing."

Well, what's an employer to do?

1. Remove malcontented employees better suited to be self-employed.

2. Refer dissatisfied employees to network marketing (MLM) self-employment opportunities. Some ofrepparttar 150975 biggest "misfits" inrepparttar 150976 employee ranks becomerepparttar 150977 best entrepreneurs.

3. Conduct in-house meetings to teach remaining employeesrepparttar 150978 threat that outsourcing of jobs to China, India and other countries poses to employers and to employees--motivating them to improve their attitudes, stop whining, and work as a team. 4. Define and remove organizational and procedural stumbling blocks to a job satisfaction. These can require some attitude adjustments inrepparttar 150979 upper management ranks in some cases. 5. Making surerepparttar 150980 business has a Three Year Business Plan--and making sure everyone inrepparttar 150981 company know whererepparttar 150982 Plan is takingrepparttar 150983 company and them--and what their role and responsibility for company success. Remember: cubicle farm folk are restless and negative. 71% are not happy with their jobs. The status quo just doesn't cut it. The unsettling effects of globalism and offshore outsourcing are permanent. So, act today. Do it now!

John J. Alquist is co-owner/co-operator of Alquist Enterprises. His firm promotes self-employment via two network marketing (MLM) opportunities, professional speaking, business consulting, business planning meeting facilitation, and Internet strategy and website development.

He has had 24 years as a senior marketing executive in large banking orrganizations. He started his career as a newspaper feature story writer.

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