Entrepreneur Success Stories

Written by John Evans

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A prime example of someone who utilized an internet marketplace to its fullest advantage is Tony Roeder of Redwagons.com. Sellingrepparttar familiar childhood toy, Radio Flyer red wagons, Roeder launched his company in 1998 in an online store format with Yahoo! With little technical experience, Roeder snapped up an opportunity when he discovered Radio Flyer does not sell their products onrepparttar 144691 internet. After speaking with an employee inrepparttar 144692 sales department, Roeder began to develop his brainchild and transferred it to an unfamiliar forum—the World Wide Web. Dealing with a uncooperative web designers and technical issues, Roeder is a prime example for entrepreneurs everywhere. Regardless what bumps may occur in your road to entrepreneurship, keeping a positive and tenacious attitude will prove to be a great benefit. Starting with only $4,000, Roeder proves you can develop a successful online business without a great deal of money up front. By using a popular website such as Yahoo!, Roeder was able to tap into their wealth of customers. Additionally, Roeder was marketing onrepparttar 144693 name and reputation of Yahoo!, so individuals hesitant to purchase overrepparttar 144694 internet were reassured withrepparttar 144695 name and status behindrepparttar 144696 website.

Regardless who you choose to model your own internet business after,repparttar 144697 main theme between these creative young entrepreneurs is their dedication and commitment. All entrepreneurs hit a snag in some way, shape, or form, but it is certainly notrepparttar 144698 end of your business. Triumphing over adversity isrepparttar 144699 true entrepreneurial spirit, and soon your business story will be amidstrepparttar 144700 other success stories.

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Web Conferencing Tool - Reduce Your Communication Costs

Written by Diane Parker

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Saving Time Equals Saving Money

It's not just travel delays that waste time and costs money. Time is spent organizing meetings and getting busy colleagues together inrepparttar same place onrepparttar 144579 same day can be a complicated task. Someone within your organization is having to spend time pulling it all together. This is time that could be better spent generating sales and income for your business.

Web conferencing allows your workforce to work smarter. With web conferencing, a meeting that before may have taken a member of staff outrepparttar 144580 office for several days, can be concluded in a matter of hour, freeing up extra time. A few extra hours inrepparttar 144581 week to getrepparttar 144582 job done is something most employees would appreciate.

Work Smarter And Reduce Costs

Document sharing is one ofrepparttar 144583 many facilities available through web conferencing. Documents can be viewed simultaneously by individuals, regardless of where they are located. Projects can be completed more quickly and more accurately. Documents can be updated in real time and colleagues can edit them together. Inrepparttar 144584 absence of web conferencing, this form of collaboration would require an element of travel, costingrepparttar 144585 business time and money.

There is a personal upside for employees who have their business travel reduced, too. Less time spent traveling for work means they have more time at home with their families and staff who are happier in their home lives are likely to be more productive during their working hours.

Diane Parker is a freelance writer and technology enthusiast providing valuable information including: web conferencing software, choosing a web conferencing tool and internet conferencing.

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