Entangled in the World Wide Web

Written by Thomas Yoon

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Making e-books presented a need for a completely different range of knowledge and skills that are built up upon each other. It is not as easy as it looks. For those who do not know much about computers, Internet and web designing, it can be quite a struggle!

For these people, I have got a solution. Perhaps they could use my service to design e-books. I haverepparttar knowledge andrepparttar 116157 skill that people can use. People can make use of this service at E-book Maker

Think for a while. Almost anybody has something to say that is valuable to another person. Each person has his or hers own experience. A secondary school student may know how to make a cute and adorable doll out of easily obtainable cloth materials. A housewife might want to reveal a special recipe that is handed down from past generations that could becomerepparttar 116158 springboard to fame.

A retired carpenter or hobbyist may know how to make a special piece of furniture that will fit some space inrepparttar 116159 living room of an apartment. A car enthusiast may know of some tips about choosing and testing a used car. A sports enthusiast may like to share his secrets of scoring at a certain game. A gambler may have some insider tips that he wants to sell. All these are knowledge that can be tapped and sold.

Talk aboutrepparttar 116160 Global-Economy! This is it! Anybody is capable of contributing torepparttar 116161 Global-Economy. Ifrepparttar 116162 information is useful, and it can be written down, or illustrated, there will surely be someone on Planet Earth who wants to pay to learn from it.

E-books haverepparttar 116163 advantage over books printed on paper. Distribution is instantaneous, cost is low, and format is colorful and interactive, and most important of all, self-publishing forrepparttar 116164 unknown author. You don't even have to find a publisher for your e-book! And you don't have to sell it locally. You can expose it to anywhere onrepparttar 116165 Internet.

Althoughrepparttar 116166 Internet has leveledrepparttar 116167 playing field somewhat, I found thatrepparttar 116168 major players are still dominated by companies inrepparttar 116169 USA. When I scouted around for a reasonably priced facility that will enable me to receive payment for credit card purchases, I could not find many around that will accept participants from my country.

Well, after searching for sometime, I did find one that suits my budget - a reasonably priced one that I can use. You can check it out at 2checkout. Their services are excellent.

Next I went into affiliate marketing. The concept is simple. My website serves as a storefront for other merchant's advertising banners. When people who are attracted byrepparttar 116170 merchant's banners, click on them, they got transported torepparttar 116171 merchant's website. Ifrepparttar 116172 visitor buys anything, a percentage ofrepparttar 116173 purchase price will be paid to me.

I find that some small money can be made from this. It depends on how well you design your website and how well you encourage your visitors to click onrepparttar 116174 banners. Your website has to be carefully designed andrepparttar 116175 wordings selected to induce people to go torepparttar 116176 merchant you represent. Some merchants pay 5%, some 10%, and some more. By carefully choosingrepparttar 116177 merchant to matchrepparttar 116178 contents of your website you will get more click-throughs. More click-throughs means more sales. It's a numbers game.

Any marketing person will know thatrepparttar 116179 more visitors I have,repparttar 116180 morerepparttar 116181 potential for a sale. So I have to find out how to bring in visitors. The most logical step is to tacklerepparttar 116182 search engines. It is estimated that 80% of allrepparttar 116183 traffic comes fromrepparttar 116184 search engines.

This time I explored search engine optimization. How do I place myself near torepparttar 116185 top ofrepparttar 116186 search engine listings? By optimizing forrepparttar 116187 search engines, people will be able to search for my website and it will come out nearrepparttar 116188 top and not somewhere inrepparttar 116189 thousandth position. But it's a continuous learning process. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithm to beat spammers. Yes, there are spammers on websites too, webmasters who tries to beatrepparttar 116190 search engine rules.

As my web knowledge improved, I became more and more adventurous. I noticed that many websites have forms that allow visitors to fill up andrepparttar 116191 owner ofrepparttar 116192 website will receiverepparttar 116193 information. It's a great way to collect data. So I found out how to do that. It's great fun receiving messages from somebody fromrepparttar 116194 other end ofrepparttar 116195 world.

Then there are scripts. They can do magic onrepparttar 116196 website. Dates can be automatically displayed and updated. Calculations can be done. Images can be changed automatically. Counters can displayrepparttar 116197 number of visitors. Guest books can be signed. They are fantastic pieces of code done by talented programmers.

Since they are so marvelous, I had to make use of them. Some ofrepparttar 116198 scripts were described as simple. Indeed most of them are very simple to use. However, when I looked at their source codes, they are extremely gibberish to me. I really marvel atrepparttar 116199 work done byrepparttar 116200 programmers of these scripts. Perhaps inrepparttar 116201 future, I might want to pursue this line of programming activity. I can see great possibilities there.

At this moment, cgi scripts catch my attention. Cgi is short for Common Gateway Interface. They need a bit of tweaking in order to work because they must run onrepparttar 116202 web server onrepparttar 116203 host. Recently I hadrepparttar 116204 chance to install a cgi script on a server. It took me a few days of tweaking and communication before it worked, as it should. They are not forrepparttar 116205 faint-hearted beginner. But oncerepparttar 116206 beginner has acquiredrepparttar 116207 necessary knowledge, these scripts shouldn't be a problem to install. Once they work, you can forget about them, because they will run by themselves, automatically.

Wouldrepparttar 116208 learner in me be able to teach people? Perhaps it might. After going through many years of hands-on and disciplined study of websites, software, andrepparttar 116209 Internet, maybe I have acquired sufficient knowledge that people might be willing to pay to know. Perhaps this might berepparttar 116210 subject of another e-book.

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Amateur vs. Professional Poker Players

Written by Keith Freeman

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The second difference betweenrepparttar amateur and professional is...is...hmm. What isrepparttar 116156 second difference? Is there another difference?

The professional players have excellent poker skills, starting hand selection, flop play, readingrepparttar 116157 other players, knowing when to bluff, when to call, when to get out ofrepparttar 116158 way. But then again, so dorepparttar 116159 amateurs we see atrepparttar 116160 final table.

Of course there is “dead money” at these tournaments, but can anyone make a legitimate argument that all because someone fixes teeth duringrepparttar 116161 day that he or she is a lesser poker player at night?

I'll berepparttar 116162 first to admit that I prefer to see a “name” or two atrepparttar 116163 final table, but I also know that it is nigh impossible to make it torepparttar 116164 final table of one of these things on sheer luck.

Time to giverepparttar 116165 amateurs some credit?

Keith Freeman is the webmaster of Poker-strategy.org , a professionally designed poker strategy page. He can be reached at coach@poker-strategy.org

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