"Ensure a Good Relationship Between Your Cat and Your Kids"

Written by NS Kennedy

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The best way to carry a kitten or cat is to place one hand or arm under its front legs, and support its hind legs withrepparttar other hand or arm. This givesrepparttar 139525 cat a secure feeling. Teach your children not to carryrepparttar 139526 cat from one place to another. Explain that forrepparttar 139527 cat's safety, they should always sit when they want to holdrepparttar 139528 cat, and should have their friends dorepparttar 139529 same.

Cats often have a mind of their own. Your child might feel like snuggling quietly at a time when your cat wants to play pounce. Impress on your children that ifrepparttar 139530 cat ever struggles to get away, they should respect her wishes and let her go. A cornered cat will scratch and bite.

Encourage your children to exerciserepparttar 139531 cat by playing with appropriate toys. It is always tempting to play "catch my hand" with a kitten, because it is so amusing how fascinated they are with fingers. You should ensure that your children knowrepparttar 139532 difference between playing and teasing your cat. If you teach a kitten that it is acceptable to swat and bite fingers, you'll wind up with an adult cat that regularly attacks you. Not exactlyrepparttar 139533 kind of cuddly cat parents want for their children.

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Dog Breeding

Written by Mark Woodcock

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Getting your bitch pregnant is not as simple as you may first think. You should choose a good stud dog, check out its pedigree. cycles also vary from breed to breed and individual to individual torepparttar timing of mating is also crucial to ensure pregnancy and in some cases may have to be repeated if mated to early or too late in your bitches cycle. Some people assume that dogs don't have problems during pregnancy or whelping, inrepparttar 139495 case of purebred dogs that have been unnaturally selected, this is notrepparttar 139496 case and some breeds may be prone to complications. It is common during whelping to lose some puppies and therefore it is essential that you work along with your veterinarian to laern how to identify and handle any problems that may arise. Breeding is not a light undertaking, it's not just a hobby and does not always make you money like a business should. You should therefore take your time, you should have some money to invest along with plenty of energy.

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