Enough "stuff"!

Written by Jennifer Stewart

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The experts are always advising web owners to offer visitors something for free - and rightly so - this is a unique medium of communication. It's fast, widely accessible and almost ridiculously inexpensive when you considerrepparttar technology involved - so it should be used forrepparttar 134777 free exchange of ideas and information wherever possible.

If you visit ten web sites at random, you'll find more than half will have a link to "Free Stuff" - regardless ofrepparttar 134778 nature ofrepparttar 134779 site,repparttar 134780 link will read "Free Stuff".

Looking for graphics? Click on "Free Stuff".

Looking for information on black holes or quantum physics? "Free Stuff' will take you to it.

Need a dietary plan for diabetics? Try clicking on "Free Stuff".


Enough "stuff"!

"Stuff" indicates a lazy mind - one that can't be bothered spending a second or two scouringrepparttar 134781 memory banks for a precise term. Think for a moment about what you are offering for free - then use those words to describe this on your link.

Your visitors will appreciate knowing that they can find:

a trial program a sample sales letter a series of articles on how to do whatever it is you do so well graphics a mousepad a video a diet links to related sites a template for a web page design a report on how to be a squillionaire

or whatever it is you're giving them.

Don't make them guess.

So dust offrepparttar 134782 cobwebs and start using a few more words - your visitors will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Jennifer Stewart offers home study writing courses and professional writing services - copy writing, editing and proof reading your web pages, press releases, technical booklets, newsletters, business proposals, reports or any other writing projects from her site: http://www.write101.com


Written by Jeff McCall

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The moral ofrepparttar story is don't makerepparttar 134776 same mistake on your website. Include your full contact details, make it blindingly obvious where they're located, and above all make it easy for people to contact you.

Don't worry, you won't have a queue of clients forming outside your front door, or ringing you up at all hours ofrepparttar 134777 day and night. What you probably will have, is more trusting clients, safe inrepparttar 134778 knowledge that they know where you live and can 'sendrepparttar 134779 boys round' to knee cap you if you stiff them. No sorry! Got a little carried away there.

Including your full contact details on your website, i.e. name, position, email, telephone and fax numbers, and mailing address, will help your clients to have a little more trust in you. By identifying yourself, they can hopefully see that your not some 'fly by night' who's going to do a 'moonlit flit' before they get their goods. You're not are you?

Also, onrepparttar 134780 even more positive side, next time someone like me comes along ready to offer you a stonking great joint venture deal that's going to make us loads and loads of wonga, they'll be able to find you won't they?

Be successful.

Jeff McCall is the librarian at The Success Library, a vast collection of ebooks, articles and resources to help you achieve online success. http://www.thesuccesslibrary.co.uk/ad/whereis/ Subscribe to the library's free newsletter Success Lines. Free course for subscribing & free ebook with every issue. mailto:subscribe@thesuccesslibrary.co.uk

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