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Written by Randy Wilson

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Las Vegas Weddings at The Grove
8101 Racel Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89131
Toll free 866-645-5818
The Grove Wedding Chapel is set on three acres of well-manicured grounds to provide a romantic setting for your wedding celebration. A quiet stream wanders into a placid lagoon that is easily admired fromrepparttar shelter of a gazebo. Shady trees and lush foliage offerrepparttar 144395 peace and tranquility of nature’s refinements for your special event. An indoor reception room is accessed through French doors and includes bay windows for stunning outdoor vistas. This service was featured onrepparttar 144396 Travel Channel.

Las Vegas Weddings 4 You—Outdoor Weddings in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Weddings 4 You offers many delightful outdoor wedding packages. The Valley of Fire site includes Arch Rock, a natural formation that provides a colorful bower forrepparttar 144397 happy couple. Located 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas and 6 miles from Lake Mead, this haunting area will make a memorable backdrop to your exchange of vows. Prices range from $499 to $699 and include amenities like limousine service, minister’s fee, wedding dinner for two with a wedding cake, photography packages, and more.

The Mount Charleston site, located about 35 miles fromrepparttar 144398 Strip, is nearly 12,000 feet high. This breathtaking view provides a scenic elevated view ofrepparttar 144399 surrounding area with temperatures that range about 30 degrees lower than Las Vegas. For $999repparttar 144400 couple gets limo service to and fromrepparttar 144401 hotel, photography, a minister, and a cake to go.

If you loverepparttar 144402 outdoors and want Mother Nature as your wedding attendant, you will enjoyrepparttar 144403 peace and serenity of these fine services that are like no others inrepparttar 144404 world.

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Wedding Flowers—What Every Bride Should Know before Her Big Day

Written by Jean Bachcroft

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Although charming to look at, some field flowers are best left out in nature. Once they are cut, most—poppies and bluebells, for example—will droop and wilt before you get torepparttar altar. Notable exceptions to this general rule include asters, sweet peas, and daisies.

Flowers are sensitive to cigarette smoke. So, if you don’t want your bouquet to turn colors or wilt, ask your guests to smoke outside.

Some popular wedding flowers, such as euphorbia and daffodils, are hollow-stemmed, so their sap can drip onto your lovely gown. If you choose one of these varieties for your bouquet, have your florist completely wraprepparttar 144394 stems.

Many couples begin greeting their guests well beforerepparttar 144395 ceremony is scheduled to begin. If this is your plan,repparttar 144396 groom’s boutonniere may be completely flattened byrepparttar 144397 time he has finished hugging and kissing his and your relatives and friends. Consider ordering a second boutonniere, which will be fresh forrepparttar 144398 ceremony andrepparttar 144399 photo session.

Don’t allow your centerpieces to hinder conversation between guest. Centerpieces should always be either high or low, never in between, forcing your guests to crane their necks to speak to someone onrepparttar 144400 other side ofrepparttar 144401 table.

Here are a few final points to keep in mind:

Know in advance where everything is supposed to take place. In fact, it’s a good idea to write downrepparttar 144402 schedule of where everyone should be and when. Give a copy to your mom or dad,repparttar 144403 maid-of-honor, your caterer, and your florist. Giving a copy ofrepparttar 144404 schedule torepparttar 144405 florist will help to ensure thatrepparttar 144406 right floral arrangements arrive atrepparttar 144407 right location on time.

Reusingrepparttar 144408 floral arrangements fromrepparttar 144409 ceremony forrepparttar 144410 reception areas will help to keep down costs. As long as you’ve planned in advance by making sure thatrepparttar 144411 color schemes blend, there is no reason not to recycle wedding flowers.

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